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Hi all, I'm wondering if I can get some input from anyone that works or has worked as a case manager at Unitedhealth group. I am interviewing for a cm position that involves field visits as well as... Read More

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    Interesting. Did you get a job offer onegoodnreve?
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    Actually I just got a call this afternoon(yes on a Sunday!), I called the recruiter back, but he wasn't in his office..Still haven't completely made up my mind. On one hand, I would love to gain the knowledge and experience and take it somewhere else after a year or two, but I don't want to go from bad to worse. DECISIONS!!
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    Be forewarned they have been doing a lot of layoffs. If you make your calls, do your job, engage members it really is not a hard job. Hopefully they will not outsource to the Phillipines like WellPoint. You should be able to work from home after you make your metrics. Starting PTO is 23 days also. You can also buy their stock at a lower rate.
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    onegoodnerve, I thank you first for the original question which prompted excellent feedback then thanks for sharing your interview experience. I have been trying to get onboard with them as a cm. This info. is invaluable I shall RUN from them.
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    Sounds like they are as miserable to work for as they are to deal with. I had a particularly infuriating conversation with someone from there yesterday....
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    What department are you interviewing for that you do field visits? Is it for medicare?
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    United Healthcare is awful! You can wait on the phone for an hour, and then get put on hold again. Then they give you an auth. number, only to get a tongue lashing when you call back with clinical reviews.
    Maybe Independent Health or Univera could give them some tips on streamlining their process
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    Wow sounds like there are some issues with them. Would company would you experienced case managers suggest instead of UH?
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    I have an interview with them this week can anyone give me some examples of scenario questions so I can prepare?thanks!

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