Am I what you would call a case manager?

  1. I think I need to lobby for a new job title. Have encountered some confusion when giving my job title to include Case Manager.I am employed by a hospital and have been placed in the adjoining pre-natal clinic. I talk with and educate pregnant women about what to expect when they are hospitalized.I also serve as a contact person for patients and outlying clinics when rapid access to outpatient care is necessary. I work especially with patients whose babies have anomalies to help them navigate through the multiple specialists they need to see. I follow up with these patients and their babies after delivery up to 6 months and report back to the MDs.What I don't do is anything with utilization review and insurance. What do you think?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Maybe.... However, what you have written sounds very similar to a community health nurse and public health nurses who I worked with in the past. Both have a case load of patients in the same sense that a Home Health Nurse has a case load, but they were not Case Managers that provide Discharge Planning services and Utilization Management and Review for insurance companies or health care facilities.

    Thus, your best bet in advocating for a job title change would be to jot down your duties and responsibilities that are real (job descritpions can leave a lot out) and compare it to the definition of Nurse Case Management listed under the eligibility requirements to to sit for the Certification exam provided by the Commission for Case Management Certification's website: Guide.pdf. I hope that helps.
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