2nd interview with the CMO. What to expect?

  1. 0 Ok, I will try this one more time. I keep trying to post this thread, but the computer logs me out. =O(

    I have a second interview with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Operations for a UR Case Manager position. I am nervous as I do not know what kind of questions to expect as I thought that I had already answered all of their questions at my first interview. Your experiences are very much appreciated.
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    Interview went better than I expected.
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    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you.
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    Thank you kona2! So far, I'm told that I'm the #1 candidate for the position and that I made a good impression on the CMO. It was nervewracking to have first a panel of three interviewers and then meet up with the main people. They made me feel at ease that I didn't feel like I was being interviewed. All they need to do is verify the rest of my references and do a background check. I'll keep everyone posted!

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