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As a new graduate, I am considering the thought of applying for a telemetry position. The job posting stated that they would consider a new graduate. Before I apply, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what the job duties... Read More

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    Thanks a bunch. That's good news to know that a telemetry unit is fast paced. I didn't like med/surg in school so much because the pace was just TOO slow for me and the hours dragged like crazy! I've always been interested in the cardiac aspect of nursing/medicine, so with the pace and nature of nursing that I'd be doing would be a great start for me. Again, thanks a bunch for taking the time to respond and add valuable information to me. I appreciate it. Have a great week! :-)

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    I just graduated may 2010. I took a job with the nursing home i was working at until I finally got a job at the hospital. It was on a tele floor, which I wasnt sure I was really up for but I thought I'd go for it anyway. I have been there for 2 months and love it. It's face paced which makes you start thinking of how you are going to prioritize your day at the begining and helps me think of what I need to watch for as the day goes on. We have the telemonitors at all of the rooms so we can watch the patients and the monitor techs to call if something happens when we are with another patient. We also have a rapid response team which we call if someone is in respiratory distress. My hospital told me that I had a year to become ACLS certified. Also, over the summer, the manager that was on our floor changed it so that the new hires had 12 weeks of orientation instead of only 8 weeks. She wanted to hire new grads and felt 12 weeks would be more beneficial for them. I also really enjoy the doctors that we have because, for the most part, they will answer any questions you have and really do like to teach, making the experience better for everyone involved. Hope you enjoy your experience.
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    That sounds great. I have recently accepted a job on a tele floor and should be starting any day now! (just waiting for the paperwork to finally go through..the hiring process takes forever!) Reading everyone's posts about the unit makes me excited.
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    When I graduated from Nursing School, I worked on the telemetry floor for the first 2 years before transferring to the ICU. It was challenging, but I was able to hone in on my assessment skills and become more familiar with medications. Since you're a new nurse, I recommend following your senior nurses (the ones who want to teach). As you will see, some nurses just want to punch in, do their shift and punch out. Learn as much as you can. Good luck!
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    NO ACLS for telemetry unit? That's scary! What do you do if there's a code? Waiting for RRT to come?

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