studying for the PCCN

  1. There seems to be a lack of PCCN review books out there and the ones that do exist got mixed reviews. I decided to splurge on the Pass CCRN! book which got positive reviews and I'm just going to customize what I study to fit the needs of the PCCN review. The clinical judgement portion (80%) for both tests varies slightly (PCCN on left, CCRN on right), from AACN:

    Cardiovascular: 37% vs. 32%
    Pulmonary: 13% vs. 17%
    Multisystem: 6% vs. 8%
    Renal: 6% vs. 5%
    GI: 5% vs. 6%
    Hematology/Immunology: 5% vs. 3%
    Neuro: 4% vs. 5%
    Endocrine: 4% for both

    Professional Caring & Ethical Practice (20%)
    Caring practices: 4%
    Collaboration: 4%
    Facilitatory of Learning: 4%
    Advocacy/Moral agency 2% vs. 4%
    Systems thinking: 2%
    Response to diversity: 2%
    Clinical Inquiry: 2%
    So far, the book is VERY informative and seems to be worth the money spent. It also comes with a CD that has a lot of practice questions.

    Has anybody else used the Pass CCRN! book to study for the PCCN?
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