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    I have a interview next week (followed by a job shadow) in cardiac telemetry and the next day a peer interview. I have never had a peer interview for a nursing position before. What do they ask? Pretty much the same thing as in a regular interview? (Strengths, weakness, why do you want this job, describe a time you had a difficult patient, etc). And I have never interviewed for telemetry before... any job specific relayed questions?I understand every place interviews differently, I just want to be fully prepared! Thanks!

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    They will ask the same thing as in an one on one interview. Just be yourself peer interviews are good in that they show that the unit ttys to work as a group and it gives both them and you a chance to see if you might be a good fit. It gives you a chance to meet some of the people you will be working with if you get the position, so take advantage of it and enjoy the interview because for the most part they are a little more informal than an one on one is.

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