Peds to Cardiac Telemetry?

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    I have worked 3 1/2 years as a Med/Surg Pediatric nurse and am considering a position in Adult Cardiac Telemetry. Has anyone else made such a big change? With peds most issues are respiratory, so I know I will have to relearn cardiac and adult medications. However I am very excited about learning something new. I also think it will broaden my knowledge of nursing and be extremely beneficial in the informatics field. Has anyone else been successful at switching nursing specialties? If so, how long did it take before you felt confident again?

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    I have actually just recently made the switch from peds to Cardiac. I just accepted the position today. But I personally think it is good to broaden your horizons, especially if informatics is what you want to do.
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    I received 2 job offers, one in Cardiac Telemetry and one in Psych at a children's hospital. Like you, I decided to accept the Cardiac Telemetry offer. With Cardiac, I see more room for growth in my nursing career and a broader perspective as I enter the informatics field. The immediate task on hand is studying. Good Luck on your new position and may we both have great preceptors!
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    Thanks and good luck to you as well
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