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  1. I could really use some advice/support. I'm a new grad that got hired on a telemetry unit that has a lot of sick patients, not only cardiac, but respiratory, GI, and transplant patients. I've only been on the unit for 2 days. the first day with my preceptor was really overwhelming with the paperwork and routines that i'm not familiar with. my preceptor gave me two very stable simple patients that were both very knowledgeable of their diseases and what they needed to continue monitoring for themselves. i had no problems with my assessments but my preceptor is so intimidating and i guess made me feel kind of dumb. i felt like was i was in nursing school all over again and i kept trying to remind myself to get out of that mindset and see myself as a real nurse with real responsibilities. the 2nd day my preceptor called out sick (in the back of my head i felt like it was because of me) and i followed another senior nurse. two simple patients again but it was a little hectic. i feel like i keep forgetting supplies that i need to bring with me when administering meds, asking about their intake and output, and stuff like that. i also have no idea when to call the docs about abnormal labs because it doesn't seem that these nurses do it (i'm on day shift maybe they just wait for the doc to come up?). nothing too serious has happened to me yet, but i'm extremely nervous and still terrified to go in for work. i try to read up on articles that the educator gives me and review through my medsurg book but its like when i get to work, everything comes out of my head. any advice please??
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  3. by   dianah
    If you look through the threads in General Nursing Discussion or First Year After Nursing Licensure, you will find several familiar themes.

    One, EVERYONE feels so totally overwhelmed.
    At first.
    I have been an RN, working full-time, for 36 years.
    Have changed jobs X4 in that time.
    Each time, even with experience, it took me a good year until I felt comfortable at the new place.
    Please give yourself time, hugs and lots of both.

    You got through nursing school with your brains and hard work.
    Same applies here.

    Now, on to #2:
    You are a new RN.
    You are getting used to flying by yourself (no instructors around) and even though you SHOULD have a preceptor for X amount of time, you assume an RN's responsibility for your patients.
    Not a student anymore.
    That's enough to scare ya!
    You can either freeze up and do nothing or keep your wits about you, use available resources and knowledge from nursing school, and keep moving forward.

    Please do not judge what kind of a nurse you will be or the job based on two days on a unit.

    How long will you have a preceptor?

    Again: please be good to yourself and give yourself TIME.
    Study at home.
    Learn something new every day.
    Keep a notebook with important things learned in it.
    Formulate a "brain sheet" to help keep yourself/meds/treatments/IVs etc organized.

    Keep on keeping on.

  4. by   tlc365
    Hang in there you can do it!! I am a new grad nurse med/surg/tele floor for 90 days. I have a routine down now and that has really helped. I get report and write everything down on my "brain" and then check my labs and am VS, and look over MARS next I meet my pts one at a time and start assessments I do 3 then start my med pass and do my other 3 assessments. Then charting...thats on a good day...but things can happen in between just roll with it!! Sounds like your first preceptoe had her own problems going on..not related to you or work...Life happens!!! so just roll with it and take it like a learning experience. Things will get better. FInd a go to person or 2 and use them as a second opinion when you are on your own...I have a few former preceptors I still go to for advise. I even caught a bowel obstruction and the pt is fine now but I was able to focus more on my Pts since I have a routine and know the environment better. You will get it Just dont pressure yourself. Hang in there. You will make mistakes just learn from them and carry on!
  5. by   deanna.wallace24
    Friday will be my 3rd day on Telemetry Unit and I am praying I can get organized with my own little brain sheet that makes sense and can hopefully make life a little bit. It is definitely overwhelming without my security blanket around (my instructors and classmates )
  6. by   RNnurse13
    As a new nurse you're not expected to "know" everything. My first few months of nursing I felt like a complete failure and questioned what I got into...why didn't I recognize s/s of this when I was taught it in school. Truth is real life nursing is way different then school was. You are very new and in time you will find who your mentors (even if it doesn't happen to be your preceptor) are. Always always ask questions if you're not sure of something. Make a "to do" list at the start of shift so you have an idea of how your day is going to flow (even if at the end of the day it's not exactly as planned). Then try to get into a routine. Depending on what your nurset ratio is you may need to "cluster" some of your nursing care. Just keep your head up. Before you know it you'll be saying you've been doing this for 5 years.

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