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  1. Hi All..
    I am needing some advice/help..
    I just graduated in August of 07 and have been working a nursing home since then but I just got a job in a busy Cardiologist's office and I am starting on Thursday...I'm very nervous because I'm a new nurse and don't have a lot of experience with cardiology since being in the nursing home I don't really have a lot of experience with all the different kinds of meds, doing EKGs, stress tests, tilt tables..all that kind of stuff and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips to to help me not feel like a complete idiot and also not to look stupid in front of my new
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   PN143
    I am also a new nurse and I work in a cardiologist's office as my first job. There is a lot to learn and most of the time I feel that I am not qualified to be working there. This cardiologist wanted a new nurse to train specifically for his office, so they are teaching me what I need to know and I am catching on, but it does take time. I do get overwhelmed sometimes. If they hired you knowing that you are new to the nursing field then they will teach you.
  4. by   cardiac-cath
    Hi I have worked in a cardiology office for nearly 11 years now. When I first came there I was very unsure of my self. The other nurses were great teachers and were glad to have someone else there to help with the work load. All of the nurses were there to get out of the hospital as I was too so there was a quick bonding. The work in a office is diffrent than the hospital but can be just as challenging. As you learn what your physcian expects from you and you meet his expections he/she will trust you give you more autonmy to make decisions. That feels great. Learn your cardiac meds !!! I was very suprised at how many patients called with side effects. Study EKG's learn your abnormals. Consider taking ACLS because sometimes there are actually codes. If your practice is like ours you will be returnig patient calls adjusting meds, calling test and lab results and renewing prescriptions.You will also wonder how most of your patients ever did anything with their lives as most don't have a clue about their own health care. You will be fine, be confident, but not to cocky, show an eagerness to learn and don't be afraid to ask questions!
    Best of luck you will be great.
  5. by   chelgovols
    :wink2: You'll be fine. Cardiology has been my only speciality since graduating from nursing school. Take an ACLS class ASAP and learn your Cardiac Meds... Get a few books on Understanding EKG's. Pointer for you, Very rarely will u find that everyone agrees on what is actually seen on the EKG there is alot of variability and PATCH placement is EVERYTHING!!!! Be a good listener and pay close attention to symptoms no 2 are alike. GOOD LUCK and I hope you enjoy this field as much as I do.. For me it is truly rewarding. Get yourself organized! You must be able to multitask and prioritize!
  6. by   TeXasGirl29
    help!!!! i am a new lvn in texas. i just started at this medical clinic that has a bunch of specialty doctors its a group of doctors that are associated with a certain hospital! anyway, i was in an rn program almost done, then i got into a car accident and my grandmother passed, so needless to say i did not finish the rn program. i plan on finishing once my boyfriend graduates school. anyway i digress, so now i am a lpn or in texas its an lvn. so not to toot my own horn but i did get a great deal of education and i feel that i have pretty big knowledge base. i just lack confidence. however, at this clinic i first started training with internal medicine which wasn't so bad, but i don't know if its just me, but i feel like i do a cna's job. all i did was take vitals and do an ekg here and there, do some flu test, or urine test or strept test or prep for a pap smear and refill rx's. as far as assessment that doesn't really happen. i don't know if its just hard for me to transition from rn because that is most of my training, to lvn, or if it is just the facility? because i would start to ask questions and then chart it but the dr.'s would go in and ask the exact same questions, so i don't know. now they put me at a cardiologist office and i work with a ma that is not very helpful at all in fact she is downright rude and snotty, she is taking the position of this paramedic (suppose to be nurse) that has been with this dr for 12years, she is having to take on a lot!so i keep asking her and telling her to show me what i can help her with. i am trying to take some tasks to help out.yes i am new, but i am there to help and want to learn. i told them that i can fill rx's however we do get rx's for coumadin/warfarin and i know that i need to check the inr's for those meds before i refill them, so i ask to see the inr log and she wouldn't let me see it and tried to force me to fill the rx w/o checking. she told me that she was taking care of that, but yet she still wanted me to refill the rx. i feel like she is trying to run me off i don't know what to do. i feel like if i ask the dr all of my questions that he is just going to be annoyed with me as well. they knew that i was a new grad nurse that had no experience in cardiology, i don't know what to do....i do the ekg's well, i take bp, i know the cardiac meds for the most part, i should refresh myself. but i do know that there are ace inhibitors, the calcium channel blockers, the prils and statins and i also know the dieuretics. i know that we do cartoid echos, stress test, nuc stress test/otherwise known as lexiscans, i just feel like there is so much more that i can do, but noone at this clinic wants to show me or help me and they really do need me, (or at least an extra person) but i just.... i don't know... i need some i doing what i am suppose to w/ the vitals, ekg's refilling rxs is there more that i should be doing???? please help!!!!!

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