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So here's what happened last night to my patient.... I work night shift so I came on at 1900 and received report on this patient. She was in for s/p fall d/t hypotension and afib with RVR. The... Read More

  1. by   RnfromUK
    PO metoprolol working in 20 minutes? Possible depending on a few things including if the patient had an empty stomach, if they were on anything else that might increase the absorbtion rate or effect of the drug. Why were they on lasix? No edema or CHF was noted in your post so I dont know why that was given. Perhapes it was the combination of Lasix and Metoprolol which caused the BP drop.

    Regardless of this, it sounded like you did ask the DR about giving PO Metoprolol and, aslong as this was documented, you acted correctly.
  2. by   CoffeePVCs
    Want to bump this thread, see a lot of beta blockers without parameters and it makes me nervous. Anytime we are considering hold a drug, we have to call MD. I would have called given hx of hypotension. Very interesting to hear the refresher on the FS curve, hypotension & FVE.
  3. by   link51411
    document what the doc said and you will be fine. I dont really agree with her even having the Metoprolol remaining at that dose in the orders to begin with. she should have changed the order to Diltiazem or maybe lower the dose or even DC the Metoprolol. I can see why the MD put you under the bus because they made a mistake.