How were you oriented to the unit?

  1. I have been working M/S tele for 8 months as a new grad and have an interest in moving up to intermediate care (IMC) and eventually to ICU..thats my goal. Anyway I accepted the IMC position and for orientation I spent 1 day on IMC and 2 days in ICU with another RN from that unit. My 3rd week of orientation I spent in the ICU with lower acuity pts mainly IMC status with the unit educator telling me.." here is your team of pts ask me if you need anything, i will be around the unit". And thrown to the "wolves and head hungry MDs..gee thx! Any suggestions for me? I need more training and do not feel like I know all that I need to function. I am studying some on my own and I do ask for help when I need it. But I still feel terrible anxiety every day I "orient" on my own. Is this normal? Should I give up my IMC position and just stay M/S tele.
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  3. by   mzbree
    I think that you should open your mouth and say that you don't feel like the orientation that you are getting is enough. As far as giving up the IMC position is concerned I would say, never give up your dreams. Just tell your unit educator how you really feel, and how much you really want to advance in your career. After all, patient safety is of utmost concern; you want to be proficient in every task that you do. The only way to ensure this is a great orientation experience.
  4. by   tlc365
    I did have a talk with the unit educator and he assured me that I am doing well and not to worry about it. I was scheduled orientation 2 days this week and pulled from orienation to work the med surg floor 1 day as an RN and the next day as a CNA!!! I think its the hospital issue not mine. I am doing my 2yr contract and getting out!!!
  5. by   simonemyheart
    I got a little over 4 weeks. I was not ready even though everyone else thought I was doing great and ready to be out on my own. I was supposed to have a few more weeks but for several reasons it did not work out that way. I eventually asked to go back on orientation after being on my own for 2 weeks. To my surprise the "higher ups" were impressed with my decision, stating they would rather someone came to them and said something then pretending they knew it all.

    I am very happy I made that decision.
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    I was on orientation for 6 weeks. I felt comfortable going by myself, and my manager even asked if I was ready. My coworkers would still be there and it's not like I wouldn't be allowed to ask questions because I was off orientation. That was how I was saw it. Thankfully my coworkers have been very supportive.

    To be cross-trained for ICU, however, it was only *3 days.* That was what our old director thought it should be (she is no longer there). Now that they are under new management, they extended that period. I have been to ICU several times so I am more comfortable being there than some of my other coworkers (some have never been up there or were never "cross trained"), but they also give us the easier patients or patients that don't really have many drips because they realize we don't work with them that much (things like neo, nipride, primacor, levophed, epi, etc).

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