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  1. I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy when I was in the fifth grade. My Mom was a cardiac nurse and she could hear the distinct "rubbing" sound when she was tucking me in one night; I'd always had a murmur but this was obviously different. She didn't want to be one of those nurse mothers who freak out over everything, but she knew this needed to be checked out. The doctor thought she was crazy but he finally agreed to an echo, and afterwards they immediately sent us to UAB Hospital (Birmingham, AL) where they diagnosed me with HCM (used to be called IHSS). I was steady for the first few years, but I started having heart attacks when I was in the seventh grade and when I was in the eleventh grade I had a myectomy. The surgery was a huge success but I started showing signs of potential v-tach so they implanted an ICD when I was a junior in college. About 4 years after my first degree I started pursuing nursing school. I finally completed all of the pre-req's this past spring and I'm currently an alternate for a nursing program this fall.

    My question is, are/will there be any restrictions regarding care I can give as a nurse? Thanks.
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  3. by   dianah
    IMO it will depend upon your state of health, your level of endurance and the area in which you choose to work.

    The first two you ideally should discuss with your Provider.
    The first two will help determine where you may work.
    If you have a low EF and tire easily, you may not be up to the physical demands of work in a busy unit.
    No matter what department you work, you will be unable to accompany a patient into the MRI suite, which may pose an occasional problem (others will need to cover for you).

    Again, your Provider (ideally your Cardiologist or Electrophysiologist) is more qualified to offer an opinion and guidance on this subject.

    Remember, too, members on this site are unable and unqualified to offer any medical advice.