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favorite brand of ecg electrodes

  1. 0 Hello! i've recently switched to private practive cardiology (from pediatrics) and im playing around with ordering supplies, just trying to get some feedback on electrodes used out there. I've def. figured out what I like, and don't like, as well as what works best from patient to patient (dry skin, oily skin, thin tender skin) ...
    So far my favorite actually seems to be a snap, foam, round electrode with a solid gel back manufactured by the vendor that I order all my supplies from (mckesson / medi-pak). it sticks great! best for oily skin, guys that are a little hairy and really oppose being shaved, or larger patients with skin folds.
    for the tender skin and dry skin i go with a softer vinyl tab electrode with conductive adhesive gel .. also from the same vendor that I order all my other supplies from

    anyone have any other brands / types that they really like?