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    I'm new to cardiac nursing and I was recently approached to work with a company as an independent contractor to perform 3-lead ECGs as a screening tool for their clients. My concern is that the ECGs would require immediate interpretation with minimal supervision, so I would be 100% responsible for accurately reading and explaining the results. Is there any risk to me or my license if I agree and misread or misinterpret a result? - thanks!

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    Would be VERY reluctant to take such a position without checking fully with
    *one's malpractice insurance carrier
    *one's BON

    Concerns are that you would be "100% responsible for accurately reading and explaining the results."
    In a hospital setting, Cardiologists are responsible for this.
    Problem is: malpractice with injury and possible criminal charges if you practice medicine without a license.

    Study the contract very carefully, possibly with attorney advice (from one who has experience with nursing/medical issues), before embarking on this.

    Possibly those who created the position are not aware of the demarkation lines between nursing scope of practice/responsibility and MD practice, and possible huge problems confusing the two?

    Good luck.
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