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  1. 1 Hi,

    I recently graduated from nursing school and was hired directly the the CVICU of a large city hospital. Any tips for getting started? I interned here, so I know what to expect and feel comfortable working with the staff. Any ICU/Cardiac tips would be greatly appreciated. I started a notebook the other day with notes about EKGs/cardiac meds/hemodynamics/ABGs/etc. that I can pull out in case I need a reference.

    I will also be taking boards shortly after I start, so any tips about studying for the NCLEX or what to expect would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    You might try searching/posting in the critical care specialty section (CCU/MICU). You may get a better response or even find what you are looking for there.

    Good luck!

    Forgot to mention my favorite resource: Tons of info. i bought the actual book but you can search online for free.
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    Thanks for the website. It is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
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    Will you being completing AACN ECCO? Very informative-especially if you have the notes for it.
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    You're on the right track with keeping a small notebook or some 3x5 cards in your pocket. You'll always be coming across something that will have you think to yourself "Gee, I gotta remember that!". If nothing else, you'll pick up weird phone numbers that will come in handy later on. "Oh, why don't you just call the on-call radiologist and have them read that xray right away? Here's their phone number ..... " or "Yes, there is a hotel right up the road that families often stay at - here's their number .... " That, or normal PA pressures, CVPs, ACLS cards, etc.
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    thanks everyone for replying You've given me some great ideas.
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    Quote from cheddaz
    Will you being completing AACN ECCO? Very informative-especially if you have the notes for it.

    I do not believe this is included in orientation. I believe we will be completing it at a latter date.

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