1. Probably a silly question... but I can't find much information about this.

    I am starting my preceptorship in March, and I am on a CEIU/Step-down Tele/Pulmonary/Renal/General/Observational unit. What does CEIU stand for? I know its something cardiac... Cardiac ______ Intensive Unit?
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  3. by   FancypantsRN
    i have never heard of that - i would think cardiac intervention unit. is it a post cath unit?
  4. by   WillowNMe
    Good question, I'm not sure. All I have recieved on it is the unit name... I won't hear anything more until March 4th. I was going to read up a little on it since I hadn't heard of it before -- makes it difficult when I can't exactly figure out what it is! I asked my "go to person" at school, who asked her superiors and no one knew. She said she was still looking for me. She was sure it was something in cardiac, but that was all she knew.