Cath lab interview...?

  1. Hello All!
    I am seeking any insight or advice for the Cath Lab position I am interviewing for at the end of the week!
    My experience in primarily ICU, I have been a nurse for 5 years now and have spent the last year on the road as a traveler. The traveling idea is grand, but its just not for me.
    Regardless, I am interviewing for a full time cath lab position. It is in a small hospital and they only have one lab. I have very little exposure to the actual cath lab itself, however I am quite familiar with procedures done there.
    Anyone have any advice as to what to expect in the interview?? Or know if they are looking for anything inparticular for a cath lab position?? I know each place probably is looking for different things.
    I guess I am just looking for anything that may make me a little bit better prepared for this job as it is in a community I absolutely love and would like to establish myself in.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   mindaay
    When I interviewed for a cath lab position, I didn't even know what questions to ask! Now after being here for a year.. I wish I knew what I know now!
    You mentioned that it is a small lab, do they do interventions or is it a diagnostic lab? If they don't routinely do intervention, is there a STEMI program where they do emergent angioplasty? If so, **what does the call schedule look like** very important question. If you have to take call, find out how often. I am on call 2-4 times a week at night, some labs only have to take call once or twice a MONTH! Are you just working in the lab or is it also pre/post procedure care? What is the role of the RN in the lab? Circulate (sedate) scrub, hemodynamics monitoring?