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Cardizem drip?

  1. 0 When a MD says to wean cardizem; at what increment do you do so?
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    Does your unit have a standing order or protocol for this? If not, then you need to call the MD for specific orders.
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    I agree with Morganalefey, see if your unit has a protocol for this first, if not call the doc. and ask for clarification.
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    Check with your pharmacy; you might already have a protocol for this. If not, then call the MD.

    Quote from FirstLadyRN
    When a MD says to wean cardizem; at what increment do you do so?
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    I tend to agree with the comments of the other posters. You should check on protocol first; I would be extremely surprised if your hospital/unit does not have one already in place. Otherwise, call the physician just to cover your own behind. There are standard parameters, but you don't want to do anything that might come back to haunt you later!
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    We just reverse the goal protocol (5-10-15mg/hr q15m), but I agree with the others, check your policy.