Basic Dysrhythmia course needed

  1. Hello everyone,

    I came across a job posting that I qualify for on a step-down cardiac unit. However, it's requiring that I have a basic dysrhythmia course as part of the qualifications. I understand that most positions require that you obtain ACLS and basic dysrhythmia courses usually within 30-60 days after hire, but this position requires that you have both upon applying. So my question is, what class do you recommend I take? Is 12 lead ECG interpretation the same as basic dysrhythmia? I'm not sure which to choose. I ask this because the only classes I'm finding are related to ECG 12 lead interpretation. I've looked at local hospitals around the LA area and I'm not finding anything. I found one class online but I'm not sure if it's legitimate? I'd really appreciate any feedback!
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  3. by   Mcadamia
    When I teach I usually teach the basic dysrhythmias first and then teach the 12 lead ECG stuff

    Basic dysrhymias are not difficult but many courses make it more difficult than it should be!!
  4. by   groovy jeff
    the one that worked best for me (and i have a ton of them) is "ecg interpretation made incredibly easy" .