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I will be starting my first job as an RN on a CV unit. Can any on give me any helpful advice. Medications, procedures i may need to study up on, or advice and/or tips in general.... Read More

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    Curious to hear more about the "functional nursing system." I've never seen this operate.

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    My best advice is to get to work early! I usually arrive about 30 mins early so I can get my assignment, then also I have time to look through the doctor's note or nurse's notes for the day. When I take report I can ask about things I read and I am not surprised as much. Also studying those top given cardiac meds is great!
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    I also agree with getting to work early! I frequently charged when I worked on PCU and I would always arrive at least 30min of the reasons being so that I could make the assignments for my shift; the other reason was so I could start looking at my assigned patient's charts and get a head start on my shift. I feel like I would fall behind if I arrived later than 1830.

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