Adenosine Challenge Test in Cath Lab

  1. I am looking for a protocol, policy or procedure for mixing and administering an infusion of Adenosine to r/o pulmonary hypertension during a diagnostic right heart cath. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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  3. by   dianah
    Have never used it for that, we infuse it ("chemical stress test") for limited- or non-ambulatory stress tests, in conjunction with nuclear imaging.
    Have heard of doing a Flolan challenge (with PA cath in position, and pt monitored in the ICU) . ..

    Will need to do a search . . .
  4. by   dianah
    there are many articles about using adenosine for newborns/premies/peds with pph, though not as many articles about adult pulm htn.

    i did find a few:

    hope those are helpful (i used the following search words: adenosine infusion pulmonary hypertension. you might narrow the search even more by adding "cath lab" to the search words).

    good luck! -- d
  5. by   NYLady
    I hope you received the answer you were looking for, as your question was posted a long time ago but I'll provide this information for anyone who is looking for the info in the future. Our cath lab uses the following dosing:

    Full strength adenosine 3000mcg/ml to be infused in progressive stages (as ordered verbally by the physician doing the procedure): 50mcg/kg/min, 70mcg/kg/min, 90mcg, 110mcg/kg/min, 110mcg/kg/min, 130mcg/kg/min, 150mcg/kg/min, 170mcg/kg/min, 190mcg/kg/min (max 200mcg/kg/min). The formula to calculate the pump rate:

    Dose (mcg/kg/min) x weight in kg x 60 (min/hr)
    concentration adenosine (mcg/ml)

    For example:

    50 x 80 x 60

    Calculated = 50 ml/hr