5-Wire Telemetry. Which lead tracing do I interpret? - page 2

I'm a novice at reading telemetry strips. I'm mostly self taught but also took an intro course. If given a given 6 second strip, I'll analyze for about half a minute and I usually get the... Read More

  1. by   offlabel
    If you can follow II and V5 simultaneously, you'll pick up nearly 90% of potential ischemic events.
  2. by   vermillionsky
    For a 6 second strip, we normally look at Lead II on the top and V1 on the bottom. This is because they are like "mirror" images of each other. Sometimes you get poor amplitude on your two main leads so you can switch to your other leads to get a better view, or if for some reason the monitor is picking up too much noise in one lead only.
  3. by   offlabel
    Quote from Mel24522
    Lead II will not show ST elevation. We are told to measure in lead II but monitor in lead III.

    Re-reading this thread, just wanted to point out that lead II absolutely will show ST elevation during an ischemic event involving the RCA