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"Bundle Switches"

  1. 0 I have been working on a Progressive Care Unit for over a year now (mainly a cardiac unit; +MI's, cardiac caths, PPM)...Occasionally the Telemetry monitor will alarm w/ a faster rhythm than the pt's own (about 140's or so), for a few beats w/ the "rabbit ears" we call a bundle branch block; then right back into the pt's own natural rhythm...Typically everyone says, "Oooh it's just a Bundle switch."...I was trying to find some literature on it and really couldn't find much...Any info would be gladly welcomed...Thanks to all in advance!
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    Hmm I work on the same type of unit..have never heard this term. I do know that our monitors will read the wide QRS of a bundle as Vtach sometimes.
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    I have never heard of that term either. It sounds like an abberant conduction has occurred. Instead of following the normal conduction path, the impulse conducts abnormally through the bundsle branches. I have heard MD's discuss whether a wide complex tachycardia is really v-tach or SVT with and abberation. It all depends on the morphology of the qrs. You can read about this on the internet you entering SVT with abberation in a search engine.
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