UOIT RPN to RN bridging 2017 Intake

  1. I have gotten offer from UOIT nursing bridging program recently. Wants to know who else got the offer and are going to be the classmates. Facebook group is set up. We can join there and share informations.
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  3. by   channelec
    Anyone else are going to UOIT in September?
  4. by   kc.18
    Hi Cheannelec,

    I'm a current 1st year RPN student, and I'm considering applying to the bridging program at UOIT when I receive my diploma. Do you mind telling me what criteria's you had that made you a successful candidate? I really want to be prepared for when I apply to the bridging program.
    I appreciate any advice!
  5. by   Khow89
    Getting above 80% cumulative average by the end of the RPN program.
  6. by   kc.18
    Thanks for reply, Khow89! May I ask where you did your RPN?
  7. by   Khow89
    I did my RPN at Seneca College