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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valleyís January 2013 BSN intake. Iím just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like me. Iím hoping to create a... Read More

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    Yeah Anatomy & Phys I can't take yet in my post-secondary... As for anthropology, I took cultural anthropology but I am not sure if that will count for nursing. I didn't know we have to take Math 104 >.<! I dislike math so much but I'll do that asap if I don't get into the program this year. ... I still haven't received my letter so hopefully tomorrow or next week. I just want the process to start already so I can feel like I'm somewhat getting somewhere-- do you know what I mean?

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    Thanks losublime for your reply.

    Could you perhaps link me to that page? I can't seem to find it on the UFV website. I did both HSC 111 and HSC113 equivalents at TRU as advised by a counsellor at UFV. However, it's been almost 2 years so I thought maybe they no longer accept it as there is no lab component. Maybe I can ask if they'll take my TRU grades for the lecture portion, and I can do just the labs. Ahh, I don't know.

    Hmm, you think you could take the second part of Anat & Phys at TWU in the summer? even if you get in for January? I hope that works out for you as well.. if not, at least you'll have somewhat of an heads up for what to except in class the first semester if the same systems get covered!
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    Hey riri.g I took stats Math 104 at UFV and it's not a very difficult math course at all!! Honestly, I found re-taking Math 11 harder than the Math 104! It's just an introductory statistics course, so no funky confusing algebra.. or things of that sort. I think you'll do fine .. especially because most of it is relied on the computer. You make graphs and stuff. I hope that helps give you some sort of an idea.
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    Hey Foxrain.

    http://www.ufv.ca/Assets/Faculty+Of+Health+Sciences/Acceptable+Options+for+transfer+credit+for+A$!26P. pdf

    Here is that link. It is found on the FAQ page.

    You should definitely call one of the ladies in the health sciences department. They will l be able to answer your question regarding that transfer credit.

    And I didnt think about taking part 2 it in the summer! Thanks so much for that suggestion!

    Still no letter today. Boo.
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    Still no letter everyone.
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    Got the letter! Finally. Info session is next Monday night.

    It says we have to write an essay, but that we are given three questions to answer "which will focus on our thinking skills". So it must not be a formal essay then? More like question and answer paragraphs?
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    Hello Everyone
    So happy I found this website!
    I have received my letter informing us about the information session next monday and I am freaking out! I just want to know my chances on getting into this program and hope I do!
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    Got my letter too!! ahhhh!! Now I'm SO NERVOUS!

    I'll see you guys on Monday night! (not that we'll know who each other is...but that'll be the fun in it! haha). Good luck on the essays everyone!!
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    Oh and losublime, I read on the forum for Septembers intake that it's not technically an essay anymore. It is just three questions to answer in paragraph form. Thankfully, since they say we only get 45 minutes for it. I can't write an essay that fast (well...a good one anyway)
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    I didn't get my letter...

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