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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley痴 January 2013 BSN intake. I知 just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like me. I知 hoping to create a... Read More

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    That's good Legacy1255! At least you're on the waiting list.

    BaileyBee that's probably what I will have for my letter... But I'm pretty sure the next intake we will have interviews. Because the way they do it is they will look at the ones that previously applied and see what they needed to work on. We can't prove that we've gotten better on our interviewing skills so we should have an interview next intake. On the other hand, if it said that we needed to upgrade our marks then it's probably best that we do. That's something they can look at prior to getting an interview. I just plan on doing some upgrading just in case it get's even more competitive next intake. Who knows... I hope the rest of us will get accepted next intake. It would be great to catch up to the ones who got accepted this intake.

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    I got my letter and didn't get accepted. I was wondering if anyone knows about the process for the Fall 2013 intake.
    The people that were interviewed for winter 2013 intake and didn't get in .. will they be for sure interviewed for the fall 2013 intake?

    In my letter it didn't say i need to improve academically but do you think i should? i'm so confused.
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    Hey Abby12,

    People that were interviewed for jan 2013 intake doesn't guarantee interviews for next intake. Since you don't have anything to improve, you can either leave it or improve.. It's up to you honestly. It sure doesn't hurt to improve your marks but it might not guarantee anything. I wish I was sitting at 4 A's but I'm not and I'm sure it will be really hard for me to have 4 A's because of math. Math and I don't go good together lol
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    I called in at the health sciences desk and talked to one of the program assistants She said that as long as you have a lot of volunteer hours and good grades we will get another interview for September. I have 3 A's and 1 B (in math). She said that my marks are good and i do not need to upgrade ! So im guessing you will get another interview as well ! Dont worry
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    Thank you!! ... I think I need to upgrade so I can sit at 3 A's and 1 B. Hopefully I have time. :/
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    Imma be applying for Fall 2013, fastrack option. Do both BSN option (3 & 4-yr options) have waitlists? Please advise.

    Also to note, I've got bad grades on courses unrelated to the program, yet good ones for the requirements. How will that affect me suppose?

    Let the discussions further commence!
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    This is a competitive entry program. No waitlist. Just VERY competitive. In the January intake there were over 200 applicants and 30 spots.
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    There aren't really any wait lists. You apply, and they put you through the process, and if you don't get in, your application can be forwarded to the next intake (ONCE) .. if you don't get in on that second try, they throw it out and you have to reapply. You can however, hold your application, and choose to not be considered for an intake. For example, you apply for Fall 2013, and for some (hope this doesn't happen by the way) reason you don't get in. You can choose to not be considered for Jan 2014, and keep your application on file to be considered for Sept 2014 (Which puts you ahead of the Jan 2014 class if you do fast track). This way you don't have to reapply all over.

    Also, they only look at the grades needed for pre-requisites. Your other grades won't matter. Hope that helps
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    I was called off the waitlist, I got in !!
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    Legacy1255 thats so awesome! I feel excited for myself all over again reading your post haha Ill see you in January!

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