UFV January 2013 BSN Hopefuls - page 17

Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valleyís January 2013 BSN intake. Iím just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like me. Iím hoping to create a... Read More

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    Well apparently in the letter they will give us, they will tell us what we need to work on. Pray!!!

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    Last edit by FoxRain on Nov 7, '12 : Reason: paranoia
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    Lol I am still checking like mad. You know what I will give it 3 days. This is really getting to me and it's making me upset *sighs*.. 3 days.
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    lol. I have 3 As 1 B. (I also have A's in English 105 and Sociology) I am a childbirth educator- which means that I have HUNDREDS of hours banked in the hospital, working with Docs and nurses and new families. I have attended dozens of births and have nearly a thousand hrs doing home care.... My reference letter came from the head of nursing in my home town. I busted my ass... What the EFF.
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    UGHHHH I can imagine the frustration. KJDSFHKLSJD. Is it your first time applying?
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    yes. Perhaps
    I overestimated my charm, in the interview.
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    Aww riri.g .. you know what. Since all you can do now is wait, just take it easy. I know it's cliche and annoying.. and irritating to hear.. but don't let it get to you. Think of the positives: There are still some days left. Myufv is so glitchy and outdated seeming so who knows (they literally replaced my grades with some other person's grades once.. someone who was doing trades!). No one has gotten anything tangible yet.. like a letter. September fast track = faster completion.. etc etc
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    If it's your first time applying, that might also come into play. I could be completely off here, but for some reason I think that because this is the January intake, they might discuss the possibility of looking out for people who previously applied and didn't get in, over people who are applying for the first time? (Especially since when you apply, you can go through twice before your app. is thrown out and you have to start over)

    I don't know... it's just speculation. Just trying to make sense of it. Haha
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    FoxRain what did they end up saying about your TRU Anatomy courses?
    Will they transfer for January?
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    I asked during my interview, but my interviewer didn't know .. and kind of made it seem like it wasn't something I should discuss at the time.. so I'm going to have to contact someone else and find out. I'll try to remember to log on here and let you know, since you have a similar-ish situation ^^

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