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Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

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    Wow, I had no idea the process from LPN - RN involved doing the full 4 year nursing !! that's crazy. I thought maybe they had an program for people in that situation (Maybe not at UFV, but other schools).. it's definitely not worthwhile in that case.

    You should upgrade your courses and aim for September because having at least 3 As and a B ensures you'll be at the top of your game and probably a shoe-in if you do well in the other areas !

    UFV nursing has gotten really really competitive. . as with nursing everywhere in general I think. Like I hear things on the forums here about BCIT's program, and how people have degrees or at least over 30+ credits before attempting to apply! Wow!

    I still think .. that because your application will be kept on file, don't do the practical nursing thing, and maybe just upgrade your grades and make sure your pre-req GPA is up for September

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    Thanks for the encouragement foxrain!! That is exactly what I intend on doing. If I do the LPN my application will be dropped. Right now I am just trying to figure out when is the last day to hand in upgraded marks for September 2013
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    I've been randomly lurking this thread for a couple of months even though I'm already in a BscN program. Congratulations to those who got in. For those who didn't don't give up. After being rejected twice ( and spending 15k of my own money) I came close to dropping out of university completely - The rejection left me depressed for a couple of months but I decided to give it one final fight - I worked my @$$ off literally night and day to boost my GPA and I was finally accepted. Trust me, IT IS worth it. Keep at it your hard work will pay off.
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    My bad. The bridge LPN program is only 3 years. So, six in total.
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    I do believe that once you have your LPN you can bridge into the third semester (2nd year) BSN program, and it is now a two year program. Like someone else was saying you do have to work for a bit (not sure if it has to be a whole year) but in either case if you want to be an RN I would wait. It seems to be a lot of extra time and money to go that route. I thought about just doing the LPN thinking I might not get into the RN program too and if its not what you want then I think your making the right choice!

    Also I think the last day for everything to be in for September 2013 is January 31.

    Not sure where you live but I upgraded my marks at langley education centre. Its a great school and they offer paper based and web based courses. You can finish as fast as you want. I finished BIO 12 in 5 weeks before the August deadline. Kinda stressful but it can be done!
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    That was helpful losublime, thanks. When is the deadline to upgrade your courses for next intake?? January 31???
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    Thanks novo and Losublime! Yeah I decided to try for September 2013. Right now I'm signing up for online classes to finish before January 31st. I spoke to melody and she said the thing I had to work on was my interview and that was the only thing noted. I can't prove that I've gotten better on my interviewing skills so most likely I will have an interview for next intake.. Atleast that's what they said. I just don't want to risk it with my prereq gpa. That's why I'm upgrading. I'm still pretty bummed out that I didn't make it but I'm feeling better. Come to think of it, September 2013 is still the same year as jan 2013 and if I do get in and do fast track, I will be able to catch up with the time I lost. *crosses fingers.*. I noticed a lot of the people on allnurses had to apply twice before being accepted. And I really hope that's the case for the rest of us.
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    And Careubc you have to have your makes in by jan 31 otherwise they won't accept it and will just take that for the next intake. So now is a good time to sign up for online courses.
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    Big fat rejection letter waiting for m3 when I got home today. I should have been 'better prepared' for my interview.
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    I got a letter that said im on the waiting list , It didn't say anything I need to work on though . Guess I can volunteer more and upgrade online classes .

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