UFV 2012 Fall Intake - Insights and Meetings

  1. Hello!

    I'm starting this topic for two reasons: one, to introduce myself and make connections with anyone else that has also applied for the fall 2012 intake at the University of the Fraser Valley nursing program; and two, to make a few inquiries.

    So, I'm a 23 year old resident in Abbotsford. I've recently completed my bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and heavy focus (should have officially done a minor ) in computer science/software engineering. I decided about 6 months ago that Biology was not quite the route I wanted to take, as it's incredibly difficult to find a job without a PhD. And since I much prefer hands-on work and prefer research as a hobby, I figured that 4 years would be better spent persuing something else. I considered Medicine, various tech position and even Health informations, but have settled on Nursing.

    I applied at UFV, since it's closest to home and have heard a lot of really great feedback about their nursing program. I considered UBC, but the commute didn't sit well with me (you have little enough time as it is being a nursing student and with the price of gas on the rise, it would be attrociously expensive).

    I have just received my notification letter regarding the information sessions on March 7/15 - anyone else going too?? :O I'm getting really nervous, and have been reading and absorbing everything I can find to prepare, lol. Everyone suggests just taking it easy and being yourself. I'm not worried too much about the grades. I had a 4.2 gpa in highschool (yay for honours classes), and have somewhere between a B+/A- average for university. If I could write off my one bad semester that would bump up to an A-/A average.

    Nor am I worried about cost. I managed to pay myself through my first degree somehow, and could do so again, or cave finally and take out a student loan. Either way, I'm supported financially. My family are also all in the health care field, so I'm VERY familiar in that aspect.

    I'm a bit worried about my volunteer hours, though. Since I did have to pay my way through university, I didn't really have the luxery of time to spend volunteering. I worked 2 years in a vet clinic - not quite the same, but very similar environment. I do have 40 or so hours of official volunteer time in hemodialysis and ccu at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. But I've been in and around the hospital all my life since my mom works there, and have been involved in St. John Ambulance as well.

    I'm also concerned about the essay. I've read what the general interview questions are, but nothing on what I should expect to write for the essay. The notification I got in the mail said that we'd be given 3 questions to write/discuss to test our critical thinking. Any advice?

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate any information anyone has to offer on the UFV interview and essay. I'd also like to get to know fellow applicants!

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  3. by   camp11

    I'm glad someone finally wrote on here that is in the same position as me! I am also applying to the BSN program for the fall 2012 intake at UFV. I applied last year and didn't even get an interview. This year I was sent the information session letter and then the letter for an interview shortly afterwards. I go March 19th =) After not getting excepted last year I did upgrade my high school marks. I have finished all of the non - nursing electives and have around 200 volunteer hours. I also work as a home support worker - visiting homes of seniors.

    Last intake I applied for - the essay topic was sent in the letter we got with the dates. This year makes me a bit nervous that you can't really prepare yourself!! I'm way more nervous for the essay as I am for the interview.

    I was going to go to this Thursday's info session but I may now wait until next Thursday - SO nervous! I really want to get in! Good luck to you=)
  4. by   Alka_Selse BSc
    Yay, someone finally answered. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only applicant, lol. :P

    In all seriousness, though, holy smokes you have a lot of volunteer hours. Hopefully you get in this year. I've gone through a similar application process for another program and didn't get in - it's hard to take rejection. So best wishes for you this attempt!

    I'm still trying to decide, myself, whether to go to tomorrow's information session in Abby, or wait til the 15th. I kinda think I might feel better just getting it over with quickly, and then concentrate on preparing for the interview. I have mine on the 16th in the afternoon.

    By the way, I started a facebook group for the 2012 intake at UFV if you're interested. Just send me a pm if you'd like the link.
  5. by   camp11
    [font=times]i know! i used this site last intake and there was only a few people giving advice etc. so happy to see you on here too! i had 120 volunteer hours last intake working at a long term care home. since then i have been employed at the nursing house calls company so they count as volunteer hours also, even though i am actually employed! so now i am up to 200.

    i think i am going to go to tomorrow's info session just to get it over with also ~ even though i am so incredibly nervous! i liked it much better when we were given the topic so we could be better prepared. i've never heard of them doing it this way.

    thats really good you got an interview already. my friend had an interview before all the essays were written and she got the last spot available for the jan intake. she is very busy! doesn't come out much on the weekends anymore lol. she is really liking it though=)

    i'm not sure if i can pm you? i think you have to be a member on here for some time before your aloud? i'll try - i would love to join the fb page!
  6. by   camp11
    Oh and I have two friends also applying to the program - so there are a few others out there lol

    p.s. It won't let me send you a message - could you post the group on here?
  7. by   Alka_Selse BSc

    It's just myself and my brother in here at the moment - I had to choose someone to add to the group to be able to create it. But he's in his second year of the program, anyway - not giving me much to go on for preparing for the interview and stuff, though. *shakes fist*

    Look for UFV Nursing 2012 intake on facebook
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  8. by   mission1234
    Hi guys,

    I have also applied for the fall 2012 program, already received my interview letter, and am attending tonight's information session...did I mention how nervous I am?

    I am so glad you entered this post. I have also searched this site trying to find some advice or information.
    As I have read what you guys posted about your application, I will share mine as well.

    I am 28, applied with A's in Chem, Math, Bio, and I used my English 105 mark (A-) as my English pre-requisite. I volunteered in the ER at Abbotsford Hospital for two years, and I think I accumulated roughly 130 hours. I am currently completing Psychology 101 as an elective, with a A in that class following the midterm.

    This is my first time applying to the program. I was curious as to what other students had done to receive the interview letter early, and you guys have everything!

    again, I am glad you started this post... I am so nervous, its nice to know i'm not the only one worried about the essay portion
  9. by   invictus
    Hello!! I am soooo HAPPY I found you guys! I also have a application in for Fall 2012 and UFV. This is my 2nd time applying to the same school. I live in chilliwack and am loath to go anywhere else. (living at home, 15 mins away from campus FOR FREE is worth doing everything possible, and waiting to get into UFV in my opinion) I will be going to the information session in chilliwack on march 15th, but only have to do the essay bit because this is my second time around. I am feeling much more confident this time, as I have improved several grades and gotten wayy more volunteer hours than the 1st time I applied, not that I think the OP should really worry about that cuz Im sure already having a degree is going to pull quite a bit of weight
    I too wish that they would give us the essay topic! We got it last year and I had the whole thing planned out and memorized, really minimized the stress. On the other hand my friends have assured me that I can still prepare, and their right, I have no doubt that this years topics will be on the same thread as all the other years ( what qualitys do u think make a good nurse, why is this career for you, what does being a nures mean to you etc.) its not like the question could be "outline the current roles Canada is playing in the Middle east and your standpoint on this" or something else really random!
    Interview is March 27th and I am super nevous! I just wanna get in!! Good luck everybody!!
    p.s. now get to creep room at info session and try to guess who there is a person behind one these allnurses username
  10. by   invictus
    oh, and does anybody have any idea how many aplicants there are for this intake? It would really help me obsessively calculate my odds!
  11. by   Alka_Selse BSc
    Haha, this thread is already more successful than I expected! This is so exciting. Thank you mission1234 and invictus for replying. I'm more nervous about how few hours of volunteering I have, but hopefully my post-secondary experience will outway that o.o Anyhow, I'll be pretty easy to spot. I'll make it easy for you! I'll be the one wearing jeans (lul), a black leather jacket with breast pockets, grey sweater underneath, skater shoes, and copperish glasses - brown hair in a pony (top part braided). Oh, and I'll probably be dogging the organizers pleading to advertise the facebook group :P
  12. by   Alka_Selse BSc
    p.s. Oh my goodness, I'm so nervous for this evening. Heading out the door now! Hope to meet you tonight. Good luck!
  13. by   invictus
    good luck! you wont meet me tonight, but no worrys, we'll meet in September, after we are both accepted :spin:
  14. by   camp11
    So glad people are seeing this and responding! I decided to wait until next week to go to the info session. I had a friend there and she said it asked three questions that you had to answer in paragraph form and had 45 min to do that. I'm sure it is the same questions as they have had in the past as listed above! She also said there were a TON of people there (there was last intake also) I probably should've gone tonight to just get it over with! Alka_Selse don't worry about volunteer hours - the friend of mine that got in last intake had only 40 hours. You just really never know! I'm just excited this time that I have an interview! I also did the same thing and quickly upgraded my high school marks... I just really want to get in!!
    I hope you all did amazing tonight (the ladies that went)
    Oh and I would love to join the fb group - I can't find it so it must be private? AND it was erased off here. I also have a few friends applying that would probably like to add themselves also.