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Hello Everyone! I am considering applying to UBC Nursing for the September 2012 intake... but I'm not quite sure if I'm eligible to apply... My primary concern is my post-secondary credits... everyone seems to have... Read More

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    A friend of mine did say that her friend last year didn't get an interview offer until late towards the first week of april and that she was shocked people were getting interview offers so early this year so relax, I'm sure they're still sending emails.

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    hey there,

    just popped in to say that it's important for nurses and nursing students to be supportive of eachother. nursing is really stressful and sometimes there is lateral violence between nurses believe it or not. this type of stuff is called nurse bullying and many times the people causing the distress don't even realize they are being insensitive. just putting it out there that we really need to treat eachother like we want to be treated, and to be extra careful not to cause harm. anyways, i just thought i'd put it out there. good luck everyone!
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    Rejected!.. Oh well, I guess my top choice is still alive.

    Good Luck to the rest of you =)
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    Rejected as well.. ah well I know there are other options for me out there, best of luck to everyone who got an interview
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    I was rejected as well. I am super bumbed out to hear that someone who didn't care about getting in to UBC AS MUCH AS I did got an interview and I didn't. Its nothing personal. I am just super depressed. I wanted UBC 2012 more than you can imagine. It was a goal and I failed.

    I wish the best of luck to those of you still waiting and those that have interviews.

    maybe next year will be my year.
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    It crushes my heart to hear people getting rejected when they worked really hard and had such a desire to attend to the nursing program at UBC. It is healthy to be sad but remember sometimes the worst thing thats happens to you can lead you to the best thing to happen to you.

    I got my interview on the 16th and I have to say I am nervous about the MMI process. I feel that I should start preping for them or something. Such an anxious/exciting/nervous feeling.
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    Hi everyone to help put to rest worries about the dates of interviews mine is April 20th and I got my email to confirm my commitment to the interview on April 4th. I applied to the 2 year BsN at UBC as I have a degree, well will have when I graduate in June 2012, so I hope this helps.
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    Hi all,

    Wishing everyone good luck and serenity in the interviews. I am looking to apply next year, and I was hoping for some advice. I completely understand tho if everyones preoccupied with this years applications

    Im currently in first year sciences at ubc and i just a couple questions.

    about clubs (technically "memberships in organizations"):

    -Does anyone know if ubc nursing has a way of checking out if you participated in clubs?
    -also, i dont have any friends who are in clubs, but to stay a member in them.. do you need a certain level of participation?
    -i did not join any this year and am not sure how many i can add on for next year and still be able to handle school.
    - any ideas on what else could be included in this section besides clubs

    Thank you in advance.
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    Purplepower03- I'm certainly no expert but some anecdotal advice...

    The clubs/organizations must be within the past 5 years. They will ask you the start and end date that you were active in the club and what it was.

    I personally had not been a member of a club in the past 5 years so I just wrote that and otherwise left the section blank. I certainly wasn't going to join a bunch of clubs for a couple months just for the ability to list them on the application- I think that's pretty poor form. I still got an interview, probably because I had other experiences (work, volunteer, education).

    I'd suggest that if you want this experience to find a club or organization that you are genuinely interested in and try it out. If you like it, stick with it and enjoy. I obviously don't know how they mark it, it but I bet you anything it looks better on your application if you are active in one club that you're passionate about than being in a dozen that you don't really care about or have time to fully participate in. Good luck!
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    Hi Purplepower03,

    My sense is that the section on memberships in organizations is a way for those without a lot of volunteer experience to be able to demonstrate some community involvement. I have many hours of volunteer experience, but not a lot of organizational memberships. So I didn't have too much to offer in that field - just a few places where I have donated funds in the last 5 years, and others where I offer support and some time but wouldn't be considered a volunteer. I am a long time out of university, so didn't include any university club memberships.

    In short, if you have volunteer experience, then I think this section isn't integral. If you don't have volunteer experience, then you have a place to show some level of community engagement. My sense is that UBC wants to see some type of involvement in your community in general and is giving different ways of demonstrating that.

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