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  1. Hey Guys I just got the acceptance letter for the pre health in seneca for september 2013, My grade 12 marks are all college level and i decided that i didnt want to do the PN bridge to RN route and just wanted to do a year of pre health then 4 yrs seneca/york collab program, Im excited but REALLY nervous because if i dont get a good average in the prehealth then i cant do the 4 yr collab program so I was wondering if anyone has already done the pre health and If you could tell me how hard it is and if we get easy marks from assignments and how the teachers are and everything, thankyou in advance
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  3. by   LMcV
    Congrats on your acceptance! I'm currently in prehealth at St Lawrence. I've been out of high school for a few years but I'm personally finding the classes easier than the high school versions if the classes. It's a good way to get a taste of college life too before entering the nursing program.
  4. by   prenursingbabydoll
    Awesome,this helped ease my nerves thanksss
  5. by   BosRMT
    I have a friend who did the Pre-health at Seneca, and he is currently in his 3rd year at York! He says he really enjoyed the pre-health year and encouraged me to apply. I ended up doing it at Humber because it was a much closer campus, and I had a great experience with it as well. Now I'm in 1st year RN at Humber.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the grades. Really, if you can't maintain the required average, then you shouldn't do the RN program anyway. Plus, the school WANTS you to get in to their program. You'll already be a Seneca student, and they want Seneca students to succeed. From my experience, most professors are happy to help if you have trouble with a subject.

    The one thing I would suggest is to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK. In pre-health programs, there are many people who didn't do well in highschool and don't do well in pre-health either. Find friends who are hard workers and study with them. Don't get distracted by those who skip class all the time.

    The good thing about pre-health is that by the time you get into the RN program, you'll be ahead of the pack. They will prepare you very well

    Good luck!
  6. by   prenursingbabydoll
    Props to your friend and you thank you so much this helped a lot, do you think the pre health is easier than the highschool way?
  7. by   BosRMT
    Well, it depends on how many courses youd have to take. For me, I had been out of highschool for awhile and would have had to take 6 or 8 courses, which would have been quite a bit. I tried doing some online courses, but I had a really hard time with it. At humber if we do the pre-health and do well, we get exempted from 3 courses throughout the degree, which is amazing! Unfortunately, Seneca doesn't have that. I REALLY enjoyed my pre-health program a lot. I'd have to say it was one of my favorite years of school I've ever had. Plus, as I mentioned, they will get you prepared for the program for sure! It will be very beneficial.

    The good thing about doing the highschool route is that you can apply to more than one program, which increases your chance of acceptance.
  8. by   prenursingbabydoll
    yess I agree, thats a plus for the highschool route, but if you do the seneca pre health isnt it more likely that you will get in than a highschool student even if u both have the same average or it doesnt matter
  9. by   BosRMT
    Yes, you're right. I believe the min average for Seneca is 75%, so as long as you get that, you're basically guaranteed acceptance into the program. Also, as I mentioned, the schools want to keep you as their students. They have more commitment to you as a pre-health student, than a highschool student.
  10. by   prenursingbabydoll
    Thankyou so much you helped alot im excited and ready to work hard goodluck on the rest of your years
  11. by   shearbear95
    Hey guys if I were to do pre health at Seneca what's the average they accept for there 4 year nursing .... 4.0 ?
  12. by   shearbear95
    Man honestly just do your best -_-'