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    I've applied to the nursing program at Ryerson and also York's collaborative program with Seneca. I'm wondering which one would be better four years in university or two years in college and two in uni?

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    My 2 cousins went to ryerson and im on my 3rd year in york and im loving it here the teachers here help when you struggle the school is awesome seneca@york was also a great campus, all the nursing students here are friendly. Im not gonna lie it sometimes gets deppressing but nothing too big, way better than highschool in my opinion. I have one more year and am going to miss it. Goodluck
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    I hear ryerson has more of a community nursing focus. I would find out what agencies they partner with and placments they offer, how organized the school is, class sizes ect. You will get the same degree from both, but you experience could be very different
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    I went to Ryerson. It's a great program. Community nursing is the focus of third year, but the other three years are varied. Placements are offered throughout the GTA and will depend on individual goals and grades. Certain placements require an interview, too. I had OR, medicine, women's health and Emerg, but other students had different placements. It depends.
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    Thank you guys, this really helped!

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