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RPN to BScN McMaster University-Conestoga Campus

  1. 0 I am interested in the RPN bridging to BScN and am planning to go to Conestoga College Colab. with McMaster University next year. I learned about the "Post Diploma R.P.N. (E) Stream" and just wondering how it works. I also learned that if your GPA is low, one can take 4 selective courses at university level and they can use the grades from those courses to determine your qualification.

    I actually need more information on this, if anybody have any idea please share. Your contribution will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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    This is true, if you had a low gpa in the practical diploma you can take a few university courses and if you do well in the university courses then the CO/MAC (the MO/MAC will also do this) will use those mark for the admission process. I did university and the practical nursing program and I found university to be much harder. It might be better to update some of those practical nursing classes, I am pretty sure people were doing that in my practical nursing program.