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  1. How difficult is it to get in to the part time Practical Nursing Program at Seneca? Is it just a question of having the necessary pre requisites or is it a competitive process with a limited number of student intake each year?

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  3. by   CG93
    Seems like a weird process, you don't apply through the Ontario Colleges system, you submit directly to them. From reading it seemed like it would be an easy program to get into.

    I applied, but got accepted to Humber Part-Time in the meantime so I will be going there as it seems like its a better program.
  4. by   Toronto1977
    I'm in this program now. I started last May. I'm now into the module 2 and 3 courses. I like the program, and have no major complaints, though there's always room for improvement, as with anything.

    As for being accepted - I applied with my high school biology, which was a C. I had to take Chemistry as an adult, and got a C in that as well (oooh, how I hate chemistry!!). My other marks were A's from a previous diploma.

    I understand the full time is competitive, but part time is more lenient. This worked to my benefit, as my pre-reqs are obviously very low, and yet I've maintained all A's (except for 1 B), in the program so far. I would assume there is a limited number of seats. How many though, I do not know.

    Because you have the freedom to make your own schedule, many of us sign up for a full coarse load, even though we're in the part time program. The downside to this, of course, if you see it that way, is that your courses are all evenings and weekends.
  5. by   gosia29
    I'm at Seneca Part time nursing too. I started last summer 2015 as well. Like Normad said, it is very flexible, evening & weekends, and even for clinicals we have an option to do them on Saturday, I'm going into 4th level now yey When i started, i always took a full course load, it is doable if you keep on top of your studies. I'm also doing my 2nd clinicals which is amazing, although can't wait to finish my level 400 next semester. It's been a ride, but love it.
  6. by   Maxg1983
    Hi Gosia29

    I sent you a PM - hoping you can reply - Thnx
  7. by   RPN_student
    My suggestion would be is to aim to go to a better RPN program. Seneca College part time program has many problems, lots of cheating going on, majority of students have poor clinical skills and most teachers are not dedicated to going above and beyond for the students.

    Even if you have to work a little harder in the long run it will be worth it.
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  8. by   Toronto1977
    @RPN_Student - I do not appreciate the insinuation of dishonesty surrounding my grades. I work my butt off for those grades thank you very much. If you have comments on Seneca's program, so be it, those are your opinions and your are entitled to them. Insinuating someone with low entry grades simply MUST be dishonest if they get high grades within the program is just plain rude.
  9. by   RPN_student
    Absolutely we are all entitled to our option, the truth is Seneca part time RPN program has the lowest overall success rate and that is something that is not made up but actually on the CNO overall exam results.
  10. by   RPN_student
    Absolutely we are all entitled to our opinions, the truth is Seneca part time RPN program has the lowest overall success rate and that is something that is not made up but actually on the CNO overall exam results
  11. by   RPN_student
    Some advise never post you got low marks to get into a nursing program.....especially now that Seneca will lose its part time program for that very reason. People online don't have to know your marks that is your call.
  12. by   NURSING096
    Hi all

    I just wanted to know it is easy to get in to the part time practical nursing ?

    Did anyone hit a lower grade but still get in?

    How long did you wait to hear back from the school?

    Thank you for any feed back
  13. by   gosia29
    Hi there, I finished the part time program last semester. It was not easy to get in. They required us to have 70% minimum in all pre-requisites or 75% average for all pre-requisites. I applied the 1st time in October for 2015 Winter intake, but did not get in since i was still taking chem & bio, they need all pre-requisites to be completed before applying. Once i completed my pre-requisites (which i took at Seneca and ILC), i then applied for the summer 2015 intake - I then got a spot.
  14. by   lala mendoza
    Hi I am a new member here. I just want ti kniw If you guys have a sample study plan for practicalnsg course in Canada? I am a Nurse in the philippines with less hospital experience. I just want to know how will I start doing my study plan.By the way I am planning to apply in Sheridan college. Thanks for the help!