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Anyone else accepted and confirmed? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! September is so far away! I'm just itching for more information/registration/timetables but thats still a few months away! :)... Read More

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    Turns out Magal isn't an axe welding murderer! Had a long and interesting talk with her, it was great to hear an others point of view and to get confirmation that i'm getting things organized. We also picked up our student cards and found out we can't get lockers till January. Book list will be available on the 10th of December going to use Andrea's and other advice on which seem the most worth while to get.

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    Ok. Was not kidnapped by relaxingbath .. and he actualy took me around the building and helped me find where I had to go and get my student card and transfer credits. Too bad he is not in the same block as me. I made a friend but we don't have even one class together. Boohoo. Anybody else here with the block that ends in mac?
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    Wish I could have met you two! I was hoping to come out, but had a client reschedule for the morning. Nice to know about the book lists! Thank you everyone for all this information sharing: it's helping me get my head organized as early as possible before classes. I'm still waiting on funding so I can't register yet, get a student card, timetable, etc., but I have done my pre-placement quizzes on elearning and all the health/police checks. Going to be doing maskfit and CPR in January through Mohawk CE, but again, need to wait before I can register. Grr!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I am sorry I wasn't able to meet you guys. I am looking forward to meeting you all soon though. Relaxingbath, I'm excited to be on the same block as you!

    So yesterday I finally got my blood results and found out I have to do a varicella vaccine and a few boosters. Unfortunately, she told me the office is closed after the 14th. I became concerned about getting everything cleared in time for clinical and she said it should all work out. Surprisingly it happens often.

    I am going for my cpr and mask fitting next week then will purchase texts etc. I can't believe we start this soon!
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    How do we know which books to buy? If someone has a link to list could you please post it? I know sweercurves mention before that 3 books are compulsory , but which ones are those? I don't seem to find a list anywhere. Thanks
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    OK, people going into semester 1. I recieved this email which was a document outlining the book lists for every semester. This is what I have listed for Semester 1. Although I'm telling you, I only bought the first 3 books there as a bundle as well as Nursing Skills Online. They have changed it so your bundle includes 5 books..Everyone in my class hates the online books and personally they are terrible. You can purchase hard copies if you prefer. The rest of them are optional...I did not buy them and have an 85% average. They are not necessary, trust me. Especially the dosage calculations book we go over that in one class. Ok here you go:

    Winter 2013
    • This list will be discussed at orientation and by course faculty members
    • Textbooks for non-nursing courses are not included on this list

    Nursing Manuals: will be available on line in your e-learn course site
    Nursing Textbooks:
    Electronic 5 e-book bundle & Nursing Skills Online (NSO) package with:
    ISBN 978-0-323-13173-5 and it includes the following:
    Potter, P. A. & Perry, A. G. (2009) Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (4th ed.) St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby Hard copy ISBN: 978-1-926648-16-3
    e-book – ISBN- 978-1-926648-90-3

    Lewis, Heitkemper & Dirksen (2009) Medical- Surgical Nursing in Canada (2 nd ed.) St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby
    Hard copy - ISBN: 978-1-897422-01-4
    e-book – ISBN- 978-1-926648-80-4

    Jarvis, al (2009) Physical examination and health assessment – first Canadian Ed., Philadelphia, PA.: W.B. Saunders/Elsevier Co
    Hard copy - ISBN: 978-1-897-422-18-2
    e-book – ISBN- 978-1-926648-86-6

    Nursing Skills Online ISBN- 978-1-926648-31-6

    Arnold, E. & Boggs, K. U. (2011) Interpersonal relationships: Professional communication skills for nurses, (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: W. B. Saunders Company.
    Hard copy- ISBN: 9781437709445
    e-book – ISBN- 978-1-4557-3686-7

    Kevin T. Patton, PhD, Gary A. Thibodeau, Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
    PhD and Matthew M. Douglas, PhD(2012) Text and Online Course Anatomy and
    Hard Copy ISBN: 9780323053822
    E-Book ISBN:

    ** Buying the books as bundled above will provide a savings of close to 40% off the print price
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Pickar, G.D. et al (2012) Reference Dosage Calculations,( 2nd Canadian ed.)
    Toronto, On Nelson education.
    ISBN: 0176502599
    ISBN: 9780781777933

    Davies, B. & Logan, J. (2008) Reference Reading research: A user friendly guide for nurses and other health professionals, (4th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby
    ISBN: 9780779699902
    E-Book ISBN – 9781927406120
    The e-book can be purchased online at
    Haig, J. and al (2009) Reference Cites and Sources APA, Delmar Thomson Learning NY ISBN: 0176473505

    Compendium: available on line from

    Stethoscope with diaphragm and bell component

    Watch with second hand, light blue uniform, Practical Nursing shoulder badge
    White shoes, white socks, plain white sweater
    Nursing Lab kit for PN program (needed for semester 2)
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    ^what Andrea said.

    I unloaded a small fortune on books the semester before they introduced the e-books, and to be perfectly honest- I rarely crack them. I'm a Google kind of gal. One I did like for semester 1 though, was the Nursing Diagnoses book by Ackley. The dx can be tricky to wrap your head around at first, and when you're sweating over your first few Gordon's assessments, it's a great book for helping you sort your diagnoses out and write decent care plans. I notice it's not on the semester 1 list though... I find that kinda strange.
    If you're tight on cash, then honestly- wait a bit before deciding to plunk down on a textbook. I know I wanted to have everything and get it all prepared ahead of time and go in guns blazing- I know exactly how you all feel!- but seriously, you will not be sorry to try a few classes first, and see what you're really going to need.
    What you CAN get all ready is your uniform, stethoscope, and other small essentials for clinical. Scrubs in ciel blue, as has been mentioned, everyone loves the Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope, white shoes- if you're going sneakers, be careful about how much colour is on them. It's tricky to find them in all white... some teachers are more strict about these things than others, and it's better to err on the side of caution than have to buy another pair. I've seen that happen.
    The scrubs, shoulder badges (ask at the cash desk), and stethoscopes are all available at the health sci bookstore in the lower level of the hospital. Also, try In 2 Uniforms on Concession St on the mountain, they have lots of styles if you are harder to fit. And they have shoes too, and other little accessories.
    Sorry if I went all over the place there! I'm in finals...what can I say.
    As always, feel free to ask any questions!

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    Thank you both andrea and starfish.

    Hope I can find some size 12 mens shoes.
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    In plain white too eh? Let me know if you find an affordable pair anywhere, though I'm 8.5 (mens) and finding sizes should be easier.

    A white sweater eh? Any specifics on that? Knit, zip, pullover, hoodie...but absolutely plain? Guessing it's for over scrubs when it's a little chillier.

    I've got a good site that does reviews on stethoscopes (objective/subjective testing), but don't have it bookmarked on this computer here, I'll send you all a link to it later. It convinced me to buy a $30 Omron Sprague Rappaport stethoscope: it's got adult and pediatric bells/diaphragms (interchangeable), acoustical qualities on the level of the Littmann - only drawback is that it is a little heavier and you can get more noise if you are moving due to the tubing rubbing against each other, otherwise a nice loud 'scope. (I ended up getting it off ebay a year or so ago). Don't know where you can get it locally. Was a definite upgrade from the previous one I bought as a package when I was as a student midwife: great for mums and neonates.

    actually just found the link to those that appreciate details: *Best Stethoscope, Acoustic Stethoscope Review Page 7, ADC Adscope, Allheart, DRG Puretone, Littmann Cardiology, Master Classic II, Classic II SE,Omron, Prestige Sprague Rapppaport, Welch Allen Harvey Tycos Elite
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    Thank you so much for all the info. It's very helpful.

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