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LPN PROGRAM in alberta

  1. 1 Hi I am on waiting list to get into LPN program in bow valley college but looks like it is a big waiting list and I was thinking maybe I should do distance learning fron norquest college

    Had anyone been to that institution or graduated from there ? I want to know the feed back to that school

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    OK, you've applied to the Practical Nursing course at Bow Valley. They do not issue the license. You are only an LPN after you graduate and pass the national exam.

    Norquest and Bow Valley offer the same quality of education. I attended Norquest and have worked with nurses who graduated from Bow Valley. Our experiences were almost identical.

    The distance course offered by Norquest is/was aimed at people who could not leave small communities to attend school in either Edmonton or Calgary. It used to be done mainly by NAs in places like Banff, Jasper, Hinton. You do have to come to Edmonton for clinical hours.
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    Ya I spoke to them this morning u r right thanks for replying I just heard stories about norquest so I was kind of concerned thank u fiona
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    Fiona, do you know if the LPN program at Norquest is competitive or do they just put you on a waitlist? How do they determine whether or not you're accepted? Grades?
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    Quote from Novo
    Fiona, do you know if the LPN program at Norquest is competitive or do they just put you on a waitlist? How do they determine whether or not you're accepted? Grades?
    I think you need to check with Norquest. I know that you must have graduated Grade 12 and there are minimum required marks like any post secondary institution. I know that I was waitlisted when I applied due to a limited number of seats but due to funding changes and people changing their minds I started within six months of applying.

    Look at their website or call somebody in the programme office.
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    Hi I am attending Bow Valley now and love it, they have great instructors and solid program. Why don't you reapply for Sept intake and in the meantime take English and Anatomy Physiology online while you wait. It would make for easier course load. Good luck
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    I am hoping to start the Bow Valley Part-Time program Sept '15. I want to use ANPH 150 as my pre-requisite instead of Bio 30. I can take it this May-Sept or Aug-Dec, 2014. I'm concerned about these 'wait lists'! If I apply Dec, 2014 for Sept, 2015 start- am I in danger of being put on a wait list??? Any insight is fully appreciated!!!
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    I applied for the practical nursing program at norquest in August 2014. I received a phone call about two weeks later saying I was accepted. I start January 2015 and am very excited!!!! Personally, I think that if you meet all the pre req's and apply early enough, you'll get accepted
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    I have been a student at Norquest and I wish I had gone to a better school! I am a second year and am having some real issues with this school. Distance is very difficult, if you can go to a full time program, you will be a nurse that is way more prepared for the labs and clinical and the real nursing world.
    Good luck...
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    I am a LPN student at Norquest in Alberta. I am doing good in my theory exams and I do find labs quite easy, however I have a HUGE problem, I have Multiple Sclerosis. When I mentioned it to a couple of my "lab" instructors they failed my "CIA" in one of my courses after I had assisted 2 bridging immigrant students that didn't know what to do... I showed them, they passed I didn't. I didn't understand however I took it again. Well I failed my clinical again after telling a teacher my situation ( they asked why I limp). I was under a microscope and wasn't even allowed to finish the clinical. Well the school is trying to kick me out of the program, I am appealing but I'm worried. I live in one of those distant communities and Edmonton is the closest place. I have already spent thousands and I'm not quitting. I don't understand how they can expel me when I am passing the course content and exams but am being judged unfairly during the practical part. I have a teacher that stepped in for me when they tried to fail the course for the 2nd time, she said, that I clearly know my stuff and she didn't understand why this was happening to me. If anyone has any ideas please let me know... I am desperate. I am in my 40's and have spent so much time being the patient for other things besides MS (which does not hold me back at all), I can't give up now this is my dream.