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Hi everyone! I recently received an offer of admission to Kwantlen's BSN Post-Baccalaureate Program in which you can get your Bachelors in Nursing in 27 months. This program is to commence in Sept 2013. I was wondering if... Read More

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    @al0a: I can't reply to your pm yet, but I've recived it

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    @june_flower and @onepinkdaisy: metrotown is also good for me! I would say lets pick a date somewhere in july? also, how can we pm each other 3 way to plan this? haha facebook maybe?
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    Yeah good point about the up coming weekends, so I say yes to a weekend in July after the long weekend. Sure we can do facebook, I'll PM you my username... hopefully it works as I'm on private and I don't think I'll come up on search.
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    Hi Everyone!
    I am interested in applying for the 2014 entry to the Post
    Baccalaureate nursing program. Does anyone know if you can complete the pre requisites at the same time as applying? For example I need to finish up the 6 English credits and take the anatomy and physiology classes, if I took them in September and January and applied in November could I still be accepted?
    Thanks for any information.
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    Hey lor_25

    Yes you can! In my case, I had applied in Jan 2013 and was not finished my English pre-requisite yet. I was given until August 2013 to finish this course.
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    Hi everyone,

    I was recently accepted to the BSN PB program at Kwantlen as well. I applied late to the program. I am wondering if any of you have done the Fit Testing yet? Have you received any emails from the professors regarding the courses or received any further information regarding the program since you registered? I'm wondering if I have been left out of some important information due to my late registration... Any info would be great!
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    Hi CalmWaters,

    Congratulations! Will you be going to the orientation on Wednesday Aug 28? I'll be there, maybe I'll meet you

    Anyway, no I have not done the Fit Testing... they have not mentioned when to do it yet, I'm thinking they will let us know once we are close to doing clinical placements. Have you gotten the email about schedules for Simulation Labs? That's about it and the welcome email from today, but I'm assuming you got already.

    Hope that helped, and hope to meet you soon!
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    Hi onepinkdaisy,

    Thank you for getting back to me I appreciate it. Congratulations to you too! I have recently seen the emails and the new information now that two of the courses are open online.

    I am still thinking about attending the orientation tomorrow. I was originally signed up, but after going to the school twice in the last few weeks to hand in the final forms I am not sure I need to go anymore. I have already bought my books and it's just a matter of finding our first class, which shouldn't take that long to figure out. I really only need to get the Student ID card which I can do after class next week. I asked the registrar if orientation was specific to the nursing program, and they said that it wasn't. The orientation schedule that was recently emailed looks like a lot of general speakers and fun games for new students. I would be interested in meeting other classmates but I'm not sure how when there is no specific meeting place or time... Do you know of anyone else in this program who is attending tomorrow?

    What I would really like to know is if we need to bring our laptops, iPods, books, etc. to class. The email recently sent out also said that our first class is in 1804 but my course plan says it is in room 2125 Monday at 8am. ??
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    Hey guys

    So great to have met a bunch of you today!

    CalmWaters, I have the same questions about our first day. The email said iPads, but I'm not sure about computers or books.... Also, South 1804 is in my email too, but my course outline also states West 2125 - Tuesday though. Hmmm.... Maybe we should shoot them an email to verify the location?
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    Hi everyone!

    How was the orientation? I'm sorry I missed meeting you all. I wasn't sure if we would actually be meeting other classmates or just random other "new" students.

    Has everyone bought their books yet? Have you all gone into the online courses? I noticed that the quantitative research course is requesting a digital book that is not on our booklist... I'm wondering if we are supposed to order it online somehow? There is no link to it and it doesn't look like it's in any of the packages. Has anyone bought this separately?

    Did any of you meet any of the teachers from the program today? Tehillah, Maybe we should stick to what the course schedule says with regards to the first class? I am probably going to arrive a bit earlier to see what everyone is doing...

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