DOUGLAS RN 2018 - page 2

Hello people, I finished my requirements in fall 2015. I applied for fall 2017 and unfortunately I was shortlisted twice! Today I received my acceptance for winter 2018 and have until March to pay my... Read More

  1. by   marijad92
    Just curios what semester did you finish your pre reqs?
  2. by   MichMm

    I finished in fall 2015.
  3. by   Awozney
    Has anybody received more information about form submissions for W2018? In the approval email I received I was told they will be in contact with me in early spring, but i have a friend who got into the Psych Nurse W2018 and she has already been asked to
    submit immunizations and other things.. also.. are we completely done with Porth Parho textbook? It seems odd not doing any more bio other than pharmacology. Every other program does some every semester.
  4. by   MichMm

    I was told that they would contact me early spring,
    but nothing yet..
    Anyone got any info on it??
  5. by   Beexo
    Hi Awozney, I am in the nursing program at douglas college. You should definitely keep patho text book it helps a lot. You don't take any bio courses specifically but in your arts and science course each semester you will be expected to know things from patho and previous biology courses as you are tested on it in a nursing context. I hope that helps! I had a gap from when I finished my pre req's to when I started and I was thankful for my previous notes and patho text book to help me remember because you build on it. Best of luck to you and everyone applying!
  6. by   xodaisyxo
    just wondering has anyone heard anything back about the CPR and stuff that we need to do after the deposit ?