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  1. Hi there!

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the Conestoga RPN program at their Waterloo campus? The one that's in a nursing home. I've seen lots of information about the Doon campus, but not a lot for Waterloo. I'm planning to apply for September because they have an accelerated delivery option that goes through the summer.

    Mostly I just wanted to hear experiences, especially if there are any differences in curriculum between Waterloo and Doon, with Waterloo being in a long term care facility.

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  3. by   TachyPurpleScrubs
    I graduated from this program at the Waterloo LTC site and I HIGHLY recommend it. I also completed it through the accelerated option and although it was tough at times without a summer break, it was 100% worth it. The curriculum is the same as Doon, however, since it is in the LTC home, you have interactions with the residents there and lots of opportunities to participate in activities with them, volunteer, and gain a lot of experience before you're thrown into placement. The program will consist of about 48 students at the start, which is a major advantage because you get to know everyone personally, including all of the instructors. The program is wonderful, and every staff member genuinely wants you to succeed and does everything they can to make sure you do!

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   ohmoore
    I got into the program at the Waterloo campus for Fall 2018.

    I am wondering how the simulation labs were? I already toured the Doon campus and was very impressed with theirs, and am wondering if it's the same at the Waterloo campus. Specifically if they have an Open Access Lab that can used at anytime for practice.