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Hello Everyone!! I recently got accepted into the RPN program (full time) at Centennial College for January 2013! I am so excited and nervous. Is anyone in this program or has already graduated... Read More

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    Hi, Im new here and I just wanna ask is there any possibility that centennial college would give me a student visa if I enrolled for the Practical Nursing Bridging Program for Internationally-Educated Nurses? I am a full time Registered Nurse in the Philippines and currently I am in Mississauga having a vacation for 6 months. But I have decided that I want to start a career here. My only problem is my VISA is only a TOURIST VISA, and I have no idea how much would it cost me. Thank you, I hope you can help me start my career here.

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    Contact the school directly. But I think you would have to contact the College of Nurses of Ontario as well to have your credentials evaluated prior to enrolling at Centennial College.
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    Thank you for that information, I hope my credentials would be acknowledged here. I am still thinking if I would apply as a Personal support worker first, maybe chances of studying here is much higher.
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    Hi guys!
    I am applying to Centennial College, practical nursing.
    I have a question about skills assessment test, sorry if the topic has already been raised.
    But what this test is about for nurses?
    I found this:
    - Applicants who do not meet the language criteria must take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment and score 170 or 171.(http://www.centennialcollege.ca/Programs/ProgramOverview.aspx?Program=9350)
    It means that for proospect nurses only Englist test would apply?

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    This test assesses your English proficiency to determine which English course you would enrol in. The 170 or 171 you indicated are the two different level English courses but 170 is for those who are ESL. There is a third course for those who score lower than the 170 level and if they have to complete that they will have to take 170 afterwards.
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    thank you for reply!
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    God, I still can't find what else will be included in the Skills Assessment test..
    The international department, as usually, does not reply..
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    Male N You are aware it will take several weeks to months to get a work permit or student visa and a medical will be required due to nature of being health care
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    I am already in Canada with a valid study permit and prior to applying to study permit I underwent med exam
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    Quote from Male N
    I am already in Canada with a valid study permit and prior to applying to study permit I underwent med exam
    Just wondered because according to cic website a study permit is only issued with acceptance letter from college/course and yet a previous post states you are applying to the college for practical nursing. Just make sure study permit can be moved across if you applied for a different course. If you are not getting answers from the International office can you not visit them in person to get your answers?

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