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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    I am so excited !!!
    We will find out the final decision in less than 1 month!!!
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    I got shortlisted too I've been at work all day until now dying to check my computer! Woohoooo
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    Short listed as well!! Super excited! Congrats everyone!
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    I also just found out that I was short-listed. I'm even more nervous now than I was before!
    Congrats to everyone who has been short-listed and for those who weren't I am sending you good vibes. I know that you will get in the next intake!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi everyone,

    I have been short-listed too, but if I were to make the final cut the orientation date is when I am out of the country. Is there anything I can do? I'm sad now ....
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    Hi everyone!

    I've been shortlisted!! Congrats and good luck everyone!
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    Hey everyone,

    I have been following your feed for awhile! Congrats!!
    I have applied for the August intake and was wondering if anyone shortlisted would be willing to share what they applied with?
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    Don't be sad simburger. There are ways to make up for the orientation, for instance If you and I both get accepted, I can fill you in on what we went through and give you any hand outs that we got. It's always good to have contacts, so don't worry and cheer up
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    Oh my, I've been short-listed.

    Now I'm curious, does anyone have any idea as to what will get them one of the 96 seats? From the way I've read it, it would seem that up to now has been purely credits and elective courses completion based. Is now when life experience/GPA/work experience are taken into consideration?

    Congratulations to those short-listed, and I really am sorry to those not.

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    ty_bot, I have been thinking the same thing. The info sent to us today seems to tell us that it is everything we have submitted in our files... So our resume and our post-secondary transcript grades... However, I wonder how they are going to evaluate the references. Why wouldn't everyones references just circle 5 on all categories? I would expect everyone is going to find references who want them to get into the program?... I haven't ever had to submit references in this form so I am unsure as to how it works.

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