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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Well that's great news if the deadline has been extended....maybe you weren't the only one who missed that pre requisite? I think that if you register to write it through Bcit, they give you some course materials to refresh your knowledge, but I am not sure. And maybe the deadline is only extended if you are Bcit's challenge exam? I would definately verify! That could be really good news though, but make sure you check into it

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    Hey! Sorry I haven't taken the BCIT challenge exam...I opted to do the whole course online instead LOL! On the NIDES website you click "First Assignments" then submit the one for Biology 12. From there they'll send you a login and you can complete the course (if that's what you want to do, that's awesome that the deadline for the challenge exam was extended!!)
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    I took the biology challenge exam early this year. It is manageable. I think it is more in depth than the provincial exam. I just studied the past provincial exams and I got 80% on it. Hope that helps
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    I am just wondering is there any classes/clinical on Saturdays and Sundays? Thanks.
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    No classes, just lots of homework!
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    Hey smiley65! Do you have a part-time job(~2 shifts per week)? I know some people who are in the nursing program can manage study and a part-time job at the same time. It seems the nursing program is stressful and contain a lot of weekly homework, I just don't know if a part-time job will effect my study time in the future.
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    That is such a loaded question and it depends on many factors. When I started level 1 I was working 2 and 3 shifts/week in a pub. I am also a single parent. After school and work for 8 weeks with only 1 day off, I had to give up my job. While surely people can manage a job, ideally, if you can get by without working, that is best. The more you can put into the program, the more you will get out of it. The first 6 weeks is very intense and the learning curve is huge, so taking work out of the equation lessens the stress. now in level 2, I am working 2 shifts per week but I am very aware that if it gets to be too much, I will have to let the job go. I worked really hard to get into this program so I will not let my learning/experience/development be impacted by a part time job...not worth it its a very personal choice! Depends on your living situation, your job, your ability to organize etc. hope that helps
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    I was wondering... does anyone know of anybody who has ever been accepted without LIBS 7001 and 7002? I have over 90 credits, including all the other pre-requisites, and volunteer at St. Paul's hospital- but I have not done those courses!

    Any input on how likely it is that this will be overlooked?

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    I got in without 7002 and many of my classmates just completed those over the summer. They are "mandatory self scheduled courses" not pre requisites.... so you don't need them to be considered. However if you have 5 of 7 done, they are more likely to have good reason to believe that you will be successful in the program....as compared to someone who has zero of 7. The reason for that is that those 7 courses have to be completed during the program in the summer terms. Jan intake gets 2 summers while August intake gets 1 to complete them... They never overlook anything They are very particular in their method and their success rate, along with their reputation for producing highly skilled Nurses, prove that they are doing something right. They take many factors into account when selecting suitable applicants. Good luck
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    THANK YOU smiley65. You have made me feel so, so much better.
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