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Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone... Read More

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    Hi Everyone! I'm just wondering, does anyone know where to meet for the first class or first hour on the first day of school for level 1s? I haven't received an email regarding a finalized schedule yet. Do level 1s simply follow the tentative schedule posted on our mybcit.ca accounts?

    I'm wondering if smiley65, or other nursing students who have gone through level 1 would know? Will level 1s be sent their schedule before the first day of classes?

    Thank=). I'm excited!

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    Don't follow the schedule off of mybcit,(my schedule) it is not accurate because too many courses overlap. I think we met either in the gym or in the same room we had orientation, but don't worry, they will let you know you will get your schedule on the first day, as well as your adjusted schedule for the first week. There is alot of orientation stuff in the first week to your specific classes as well as the school. It is very exciting for you guys. Me too! Remember that there is lots of support if you get overwhelmed, and I am always happy to help if I can.

    OK just double checked my email and I found that we received our info for the first day on the Friday before classes started. We were given info about where to meet our clinical instructor and clinical group. (This was funny because my group ended up going on a bit of a goose chase to find our correct room) We did that from 830 to 1030. Then we went to the gym to hand in final documents, finalize registration (bring 5 bucks for your name tags) get our schedule, and have our pic taken. Then we had lunch for an hour. After lunch we had our first patho class and more orientation.
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    That is Awesome info for us Level 1s Smiley65!!! Thanks so much for the heads up on everything you've been telling us now and in the past . I emailed bcit nursing at the same time as my previous post here and they also had provided a prompt response saying exactly what you've said, that all level 1s should Not follow the schedule posted on mybcit.ca, but rather our individual schedules will be emailed to us by this Friday. Hope all level 1s are excited for a new journey and all others continuing their studies in nursing are just as excited about returning and getting closer to finishing off their degree=).

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    no problemo! I am super excited for you guys too! I can't wait to get back at it....and actually have already started into reading for microbiology (yes huge nerd, I know) See you soon!!
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    welllll??? How is everyone making out?
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    First Sim Lab.

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    hahahahaha. this is a good one!!
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    It's going pretty well. Just trying to stay on top of all the readings and everything. I don't know if it's just me, but I was a bit confused trying to figure out what each class was for and the difference between lab and SIM lab.

    Question - does SIM lab have open hours or is that just for the NURS 1020 lab? Do we get time to practice our SIM lab skills outside of class?
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    It is pretty confusing for the first couple of weeks for sure. SIM lab is meant to be more of a "realistic" experience because the dolls are more advanced, and no there are not extra hours to work in the SIM lab as the dolls require qualified instructors to work them. The skills you are learning in 1020 and in the SIM lab are the same, so you can practice those skills during open lab times in your 1020 classroom.....just show up with a partner and sign in (always look professional in lab, scrub top, hair tied back etc)... In fact in level 1 you are REQUIRED to practice and record 3 extra hours of practice in the lab. You will go into the SIM lab a few times over level 1, and it is meant to keep you on your toes. As far as figuring out what classes are for....well I'll try

    1019- this is your assessment class and the purpose of it is to give a bit of knowledge so that you can be safe in your clinical setting. This is kind of a crash course on vitals, head to toe assessments, and basic patho. You are given the case study "rose" which you will work with for the next 6 weeks. After week 6, no more 1019...but you will then have 2 clinical days....and pharmacology will also start online..

    1020- this is your skills lab where you are going to learn how to do all the stuff that Nurses do. Essentially the SIM lab is a component of 1020, and you will get scheduled SIM lab experiences during your scheduled 1020 class time. Do your best to be prepared by doing the readings and watching the videos, you will get more out of class time and do better in the clinical setting. Your first day in the hospital is next week and after that, the routine of things should start to settle in.

    hope this helps a little. Any more questions, feel free
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    Awesome! Thanks so much smiley65

    Last question I promise. =) Do we get a spring break in February/March?

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