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Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone... Read More

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    Thanks snowyivory!

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    Hi rsohi,

    I will be starting Nursing in August. I am wondering if you were sent the online readings & the Worksafe articles for NURS 1020? Are these online readings for the WHMIS course? The information sheet that we were sent via email upon acceptance mentioned that we would be sent the "link" to access the WHMIS course online in the first week of June. I'm just wondering if they have forgotten to email everyone the link. Also, are the readings found on D2L? I'm currently taking a summer course via D2L but I do not see any other courses on my D2L account other than the summer course that I'm taking.

    On the information sheet that was emailed to us on May10th, the pre-reading for NURS 1020 states: -see booklist (on-line readings & readings from WorkSafe BC booklets)-instructor will email class prior to August 1st with pre-reading access information. [I'm guessing that pre-readings for NURS 1020 is different from WHMIS??]

    Were you accepted to the August 2012 intake from the Jan 2012 intake, so you already have access to the NURS 1020 readings online?

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    I'm trying to save some money on buying textbooks. Where do bcit nursing students sell their books? What are the MUST HAVES for level 1? The textbooks are $$$, I don't buy something I won't touch! Thanks in advance! =)
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    bcit nursing facebook page. Also the bargain book co op on D2L. You need all of the books, and maybe drug cards too. NOT mini guide to critical thinking, not any pocket books, and an older patho book book will work just fine.....I actually only used my patho book a few times.....granted I did struggle a bit, but I found most of the test info came from the slides and lectures.
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    Hi, I was wondering... does anyone know if Richmond hospital is one of the possible hospital placements for level 1 students?
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    For the level 1 textbook list, do we need the online course registration code with the Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing book? Also, does anyone know if there is a big difference between the 4th edition and the revised 4th edition?
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    Richmond Hospital has not been used as a level one hospital as far as I know, although this may have changed in the past few years. When I was in level one they used Surrey, Langley, Lions Gate, Burnaby and MSJ

    We were told there is no difference between 4th/revised 4th and that even 3rd edition was acceptable. You will find as you go through the program that the edition often changes just as you happen to be entering the next level I have saved a LOT of money by buying the editions that higher level students are selling, which are 3rd instead of 4th, etc. and when studying with classmates, I have found there to be no differences. Many people want a particular edition "just in case", but I have never suffered from having the older editions! You do not ned the online registration code
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    hi nurs9,
    first off, sorry for getting back to you so late!

    i haven't received any of the online readings. i see my courses now on my d2l account but i don't see any reading material or anything else on there yet. i haven't received anything about the whimis course either.

    did you go to the orientation? we received a textbook list and it outlines the two pre-readings for worksafe bc - back talk and dealing with latex allergies at work. i can message you those links if you would like.[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]

    if you have any other questions, i'll try and help but i'm still eagerly waiting any news from bcit as well.

    - ruby =)
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    I was told that the WHMIS link will be sent out sometime next week =)
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    Has anybody gotten the mask fit testing yet? Where did you go?

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