Anyone currently enrolled in the Mohawk/MacMaster BScN program?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new here and am currently taking my prerequisite courses to apply for either September 2013 or 2014 and was wondering if there is anyone else on here applying or currently taking this program? Wondering what it is like, how you are enjoying it so far, and any other information you can provide! Very excited to be applying soon, and am just looking for some insight into what I have to look forward to!
    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   Fall.out.nerd
    Hi there!
    I didn't go to Mohawk/Mac but did the Conestoga/Mac program and loved it! Going to a college makes it a bit nicer because the class is smaller so you get to know your classmates better, Mohawk is nice because a lot of your classes are with Mac so you won't notice as much the difference between programs.

    Good luck!
  4. by   AspiringRN2014
    Hey! Thanks for the reply! Glad you enjoyed the program!! I'm really excited to apply and love hearing what people think or thought of it!
    Were you able to work while in the program? What was your workload like?
  5. by   Fall.out.nerd
    I did work until 4th year only part time doing 8 hours a week but sometimes that was crazy. Though they've changed the program since I first started so I can't say anymore if it's manageable.

    The workload can be pretty heavy especially in 1st and 3rd years as I found that was where you'll have your largest chunk of learning to do and the curve can be pretty steep. But overall it really teaches time management and autonomy since a lot of it is self-directed and depending on your tutor you could be looking up everything for a case in class or just a specific piece.
  6. by   ronstar
    I am currently enrolled in the first year of the mohawk/mcmaster BScN program!

    First semester I ended up having mondays and fridays off, with Tuesday to Thursday being jam packed, which sounds pretty easy but there is quite a bit of work. I was able to work up to 20 hours a week, which was pretty hard with all the homework they throw at you. The courses, such as the clinical `hands on` course where you learn your basic physical assessments is very good. The anatomy and physiology course is challenging but also interesting. The one problem I have with the program though, is the PBL (problem based learning) class. It is painfully boring, where you sit with a small group of students and a `facilitator` and talk about health care issues that can just about put anyone to sleep. Its a 4 hour class where you are expected to come prepared to present information that you have researched on the health care issue and discuss it with the class. In other words, its a 4 hour class of awkward silences, boredom, where you over analyze everything. Some people seem to enjoy the class, whereas most feel the same way as I do. I guess it is just the type of person you are! Anyways, aside from that one class the program is very good and I hope you get into it in september!
  7. by   Burgie
    I'm accepted to MOMAC BScN for Sept 2014. I just completed Pre-Health at Mohawk and was able to attain a high average, while working 24 hrs a week and also taking care of my 5 year old. I see that you mentioned having 2 days off a week, do you have any idea if that is a normal schedule or if it might still be a possibility for Sept 2014? I was thinking I was gonna be busy M-F for sure and was gonna have to work on the weekend. Any advice would be appreciated