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Hi all is there any one who applied to york university 2nd entry nursing for class of 2015?... Read More

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    Not speaking on behalf of Western but I applied to York and they said that they will look at your grades at the end of the term and recalculate your gpa for admissions. I'm assuming that all other schools do the same though. Good luck

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    Did anyone hear back from schools other than york?
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    I'm waiting to hear back from Queen's, Trent, McMaster, U of T and Western. I saw on posts from last year that Queens and Trent started handing out acceptances at the end of February! Has anyone heard back from them yet? I'm getting nervous..
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    Yes, I did talk to Western staffs and they are going to wait till my marks are released then decide.
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    I got into Trent today, but I'm still waiting to hear from other schools
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    I also got into Trent yesterday! I would prefer U of T, but first acceptance is always exiting
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    hey cole 91 and sm.1990 -

    if you dont mind me asking, what was your GPA for your last 10 credits?
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    eeff, I think my average in the last 10 credits is around an 83.
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    okay! thanks!

    I read some forums from last years acceptances to the 2nd degree nursing programs.. people around my average were getting acceptances into mid-June. Geesh so long to wait. My marks this semester are going to boost up my GPA alot.. so I'm hoping Laurier can get their stuff together early May so I can send my final grades to the schools who are waiting for them!
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    My avg for Trent was 80.6

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