Staying put where I live, study crne, and continue as NA casually .. versus ...

  1. 0 ...accept (if interviewed and offered) a 1.0 FTE position (GN/RN) that is at a different city (few hrs drive) and relocate, study crne, and work FT?

    My preceptorship is ending in a few weeks. Any thoughts and advice? That's my dilema.
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    Can't speak to you relocating for a job but I wouldn't suggest you work a 1.0 FTE and study for the CRNE. That is a set up for failure IMHO.

    good luck
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    I agree with Petethecanuk. I wrote the CRNE 2 years ago and studied 4 days a week, minimum 4 hours a day for 5 weeks. I already had a nursing job lined up, contingent on my success. There was no way I was going to risk losing a job. I worked part time. Many people I knew who were working full time grad nurse positions failed the exam the first time, because they didn't have the time/energy to adequately prepare. Don't risk it. Your priority is passing the CRNE.
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    I agree too. CRNE is very tricky and you must study a lot. You don't want to fail, its very depressing. Get license first, and new jobs will come. My friend just failed with me, and had a job at Sick Kids. She didn't study very hard, because she had training just before October CRNE. She failed too, and now has no job either. You must balance your work with study. God bless you, please you must work hard

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