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SEPTEMBER 2012 CPNRE Exam - page 5

to all nurses out there who are planning to take the September 2012 CPNRE, please post any concerns, issues and suggestions in this thread. I'm also planning to take the test on September, I'm an... Read More

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    Quote from car1199
    Congratulations narsheen! My letter stated that I have successfully completed the CPNRE and yes I got the initial registration form also. Can anyone tell me if the vunerable police record check is what CNO is wants for the CPIC? I tried calling them but the phone is always busy.
    Goodluck to everyone who is still waiting for their results!
    You only need ur CPIC and has to be issued within the last 6mths
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    I passed! Congratulations to all who made it!
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    thanks katrinas4619!
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    Hello, can anyone tell me where to get the CPNRE Prep Guide here in Montreal?

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