June 2012 CRNE Test Writers/Results - page 2

I was wondering how other test writers found the CRNE this month, without discussing specific questions (because we are not allowed to). It would also be nice to hear when others are getting their marks back across the country,... Read More

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    It will be interesting to see if the results come out faster when the CRNE is set up like the NCLEX. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two in terms of difficulty?

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    I sincerely hope that the writers of 2015 and beyond will have the privilege of knowing their results within days instead of over a month. The wait was one of the worst parts about this whole ordeal.
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    i agree. i couldn't help but feel a little bit of envy over our american friends as i peeked over the NCLEX section to see how quickly they can get results (within hours) and how they have 6 hours to do their exam and it can contain as little as 75 questions... really interested to get more information on the new format being introduced 2015.
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    Hopefully they will become more relaxed once they change the format of the CRNE IN 2015. By the way, I got my results, although I don't know when it came because I was on vacation for the last week ! It was good news though, I PASSED
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    Everyone who wished to post their results seem to have done so. Thread closed.

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