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Hey guys, So unfortunately today November 8th, 2011, I got my CRNE results and found out that for the second time, I failed it by just one single mark. It is so discouraging and (I... Read More

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    @eletricblak congrats all the best

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    Quote from electricblack
    Just to expand, make sure to not rush to your next attempt. Plan it well. I took a year off to save up for a good course, saved up for transportation and food during the course, made sure i had a month and a week off for the course and exam day. I was pretty organized. I did not study until the course started. I did some reading here and there but nothing significant until a month before the exam.Remember, if it's your 2nd attempt, treat it like its your last, and if it's your last attempt do everything you can. If you will fail, dont have regrets that you held back with your studies. I took a course and gave it my all. This really helped me motivate. I had the copies of my past 2 exam results with me all the time to remind me how close i got and that i am in control . It is up to me to pass. There will be loads of people who'd take advantage of your desperation. Don't bother with the recheck for 50 dollars, there's no point. Focus on finding a legit prep course cuz they really do help, don't risk studying on your own. I took the Nurses Education Inc course in toronto campus. They offered 14, 16, and 20 days and i took the maximum which cost me 1200, the cheapest for the amount of time that they offered. A friend of mine took a 2000 dollar course and the class was much bigger. I wanted a smaller class so the instructor knows their students and can help them individually and provide helpful individualized feedbacks. And that's exactly what i got. We did mock exams at the end of the course and i found that my reading skills improved drastically. The marks for the mock exams also seemed rather accurate in determining if you have improved. I sat at the front of the class, made sure that the instructor knew it was my third attempt. I participated and listened to all the questions being asked. The class went on from 930am to 5pm and by the time i got home i was exhausted. I do some homework before bed or on my way to class but i find that the time in class is enough to count as a study time. The class ended one week before the October 3 2012 CRNE and she recommended we took breaks. But i paired up with some people, maximum of 4 to study. With help from each other, some great simplified Youtube videos, and some extra researching on the CNO website (they have a lot of PDF files) we managed to gain some confidence writing that exam.The marking for the exam also changed. I heard from those that failed that the passing mark was 550 and was mentioned that some questions apparently weighed heavier than others based on its difficulty or category(critical thinking, knowledge...), but that i need further clarification. I swear this exam was also the hardest out of the 3. There were much more vague questions and it left me thinking that i really did fail. I got my results 5 weeks and a day later, and i'm from brampton/mississauga area. I hope some of this info helped. To those that failed, try not to be so down, this exam was truly hard. Use it to motivate you better on your next attempt. Or if it was your last try, i believe that you can Appeal for a 4th attempt. And again, watch out for those classes who are just after your money!!!
    Hi there ,,, I just wanted to know if you were an IEN or Canadian Graduate and if this was ur last attempt and by taking this course did you pass with all the added efforts of ofcourse that you put in
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    Quote from Sadaf
    Hi there ,,, I just wanted to know if you were an IEN or Canadian Graduate and if this was ur last attempt and by taking this course did you pass with all the added efforts of ofcourse that you put in
    Thank you . And i am a Canadian Grad. But I made the huge mistake of underestimating the exam's difficulty level. And i've had international nurses in my prep course that also passed. I do find that if your an ESL you might need to practice more since the test requires your thorough understanding before making a decision for your answers
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    Hi Electricblack, where is this prep course. I don't have much money but need some help. Can you tell me how to study? I am scheduled to write in february, but I may have to do in June instead. I just failed and it is very stressful
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    hey gurpreet sorry for the very late reply but I took the full $1200 course from nurses ed inc its just one subway stop of yorkdale mall and its a decent price ive heard ppl paid more. Its a 9-430 class and it really helped me. I saved up big because its my last try and I dont wanna cheapin out but at the same time I wanted a course where I knew people that passed and this one was highly recommended by friends. I live in brampton so it was a long bus trip back and forth but it was worth it. mind you not everyone passed in that course but trust me it hepps if you really try.
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    ...and as I mentioned...dont rush into your next attempt and think it thuroughly. Email me here if you need some help if it is anything that I could help you with. Trust me....I kmow how it feels like
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    hi there, I was wondering if we could chat privately as I'm currently in the same situation as you were in a year ago? I would like some advice and guidance! =)

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